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The Fed

The Federal Reserve (Fed), or the central bank of the United States, is responsible for regulating the U.S. monetary policy and interest rates. As a provider of liquidity for world trade, the Fed is also known as the world's central bank. Its every move affects the global economy and financial markets.
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Powell is Not Here to Make Equity Investors Happy

Appetite in Asian equities improved on hints that China could ease the excessive Covid curbs as a response to angry anti-Covid protests.

USDJPY: November Will Be Closed By a Long Bear Candle, Confirming a Reversal after Peaking

As the US dollar continues to weaken, USDJPY highs have fallen significantly, which is likely to close lower with a rare giant bear candle in November. It indicates that the trend in the medium- and the long-term may have reversed. Therefore, shorting at highs is the best option at the moment.

XAUUSD: Powell's Speech Could Extend Hawkish Tone, Gold Bulls Having Concerns

The gold price is hovering in oscillation in the short term. It is suggested to wait for Powell's speech to point out a new direction, and the hawkish tone of the speech expected by the market may make the gold bulls have concerns.

USDCAD: Rally Encountering Resistance, Mainly to Short at Highs

The dollar has weakened, boosting the non-US currency, the Canadian dollar. As the rebound is stalled, it is recommended to maintain short trades.

U.S. Central Bank Could Lower Rates in 2024: New York Fed President

"I do think we're going to need to keep restrictive policy in place for some time; I would expect that to continue through at least next year," Williams said.
Devin Wang

Asia Morning Bites 29 November 2022

Fed speakers dial up hawkishness ahead of Powell on Wednesday.

Market Outlook for the Week - Commodities

Expectations of a slowdown in the pace of interest rate hikes by the Fed and expectations of higher peak interest rates continue to compete and limit gold prices, while recurring pandemics in Asia and the risk of a global recession exacerbates demand concerns and become the main downside risk to the crude oil market in the near term. 

Slower Fed hikes spell relief from Tokyo to Buenos Aires

The Federal Reserve's signalling of a slowdown in the pace of U.S. interest rate hikes takes pressure off global peers to keep on raising rates and offers relief to emerging markets, which have suffered their biggest rout in over a decade this year.

Sri Lanka to Hold Rates as Inflation Slows Slightly, Focus on IMF Bailout

COLOMBO : Sri Lanka's central bank is expected to keep rates steady as inflation shows signs of easing and as authorities focus on discussions to secure a $2.9 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout to stabilise its crisis-hit economy.

USDCAD: Market Turns Bearish with Head and Shoulders Top at Highs

The recent weakness of the US dollar (USD) boosted the non-US currency, the Canadian dollar (CAD). In technical terms, USDCAD has formed a head and shoulders top. Then, the trend can be reversed, and it is recommended to continue to go short when the rally is blocked.
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