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The Fed

The Federal Reserve (Fed), or the central bank of the United States, is responsible for regulating the U.S. monetary policy and interest rates. As a provider of liquidity for world trade, the Fed is also known as the world's central bank. Its every move affects the global economy and financial markets.
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Investors Cautious on U.S. Stocks, Even Though Fed Hikes May Soon End

The end of the Federal Reserve's bruising rate hiking cycle may be in sight, yet investors are finding plenty to worry about when it comes to the U.S. stock market.
Owen Li

U.S. Fed Delivers Small Rate Hike Amid Global Banking Turmoil

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, but indicated it was on the verge of pausing further increases in borrowing costs after the recent collapse of two U.S. banks.

WTI: Sell-off Wave Showed Signs of Stabilization, with Further Gains Still to Be Confirmed at the Bottom

OPEC+ officials, hedge fund managers, and investors believe the recent drop in oil prices is speculative; they said the increase in demand would push oil prices to higher levels in the coming months. Fears of a banking crisis in Europe and the U.S. have receded and the downward pressure on oil prices has eased after a two-day rebound.
Eva Chen

XAUUSD: Following the Emergence of the Pin-Bar Pattern, the Rebound of Gold Prices Has Peaked

As the price of gold continues to fall significantly from its annual high of US$ 2009, breaking a series of recent highs and lows, forming a pin-bar pattern within the 1D timeframe, and completing the testing of the supply zone, the gold prices may face a more significant pullback.
Eva Chen

Market Turmoil Is Doing Central Bankers' Jobs for Them

Tighter financing conditions in markets sparked by banking sector turmoil may have done much of central banks' jobs for them, boosting the case for an end to interest rate hikes soon.

Financial Markets Exude Optimism, Awaiting Crucial FOMC Rate Decisions

As the mood in the financial markets seems to be rather upbeat, Asian markets are riding the wave of positivity, tracing the upward trajectory set by their U.S. counterparts.

Hoping Powell Sheds Light in Fog of Uncertainty

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Jamie McGeever.

The Fed’s Job Gets Tougher and Tougher

Another unenviable FOMC meeting.

DJIA: Efforts to Resolve the Banking Turmoil Have Helped Boost Wall Street's Confidence, But the Rally Has Not Been Effectively Repaired

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently in a revised state after hitting a new low on October 25 last year. As its price is below the 200-day SMA, it is expected to remain bearish after adjustment until it successfully reaches a support level and reaches a higher low.
Eva Chen

XAUUSD: Preventing Systemic Risks Will Become the Primary Goal of the Fed's Efforts During the Year, and Hedging Assets Could Benefit from Profound Changes

Gold prices have fallen from their annual highs as global banking jitters (now) have passed away and U.S. Treasury Securities yields have found a bottom. Nevertheless, the risk sentiment does not seem to have been completely released. Preventing the risk of the contagion of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis may become the first objective of the Federal Reserve's efforts during the year.
Eva Chen
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