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Multi-perspective approach
Cutting-edge fintech services provider helps investors capture the best market timing

The fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive

Monitoring international capital movements

The quickest, most stable, most comprehensive market quotes

Covering over 20,000 symbols

AI-enabled 7x24 news

Quicker, more comprehensive and more reliable financial news

Authoritative economic data

Help you track global market movements


Quick and comprehensive financial insights

Delivers AI news that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fastest newsfeed will not let you miss any actionable insight before the market moves


Unlock live quotes in multi-market

Market: Provides real-time market quotes for global financial assets including FX, equity, commodities, crypto, and derivatives


Includes deep-dive interviews with famous investors and traders

Data Warehouse

Multi-perspective approach to watch market data

We contain authoritative Speculative Sentiment, Positions Report, Institutional Data, Policy Rates, Economic Indicators to help you stay current

Economic Calendar

Global breaking news

Collect global economic calendar events and discover how they impact on major currency pairs


Selected signals for you to subscribe

Quantitative strategies, trading signals for subscription for free. In-depth analysis of market strengths and weaknesses using multi-dimensional data and forecast for future trend to facilitate your trading journey.


Faster Financial News and Market Quotes

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