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PROFIT +178 Points USDX: Trend of the Dollar Has Been Mixed

The Fed policies are dynamic, but the market is trading in favor of the tightening cycle coming to a close. Speeches by Powell and several officials this week may revise market expectations. While the big news of the economic data may generate new anticipations as well.

Columnist: Jason

LOSS -1026 Points USDX: Meeting Minutes May Provide Upside Momentum for the Dollar Again

With the minutes of the Fed's November meeting to be released during the day, the market is expecting to hear any talk of a slowdown in rate hikes. However, since the November policy meeting and recent trading days, Fed officials have repeatedly suppressed market expectations, and even if they talk about slowing down interest rate hikes, the wording will probably be quite strict and will not give the market any room for speculation. In other words, the minutes of this meeting may disappoint the market, or even suppress market expectations again.

Columnist: Jason

EXPIRED USDX: USD Is Under Multiple Pressures

Two labor market-related data may boost the market's expectations of slowing down interest rate hikes. Thus, the market could first take advantage of these two data to "enjoy" a bit in anticipation of Powell's hawkish speech. The USD may first fall and then rise under Powell's speech. As for the rise, it depends on the degree of Powell's hawkishness. If it is less hawkish than the market expectations, the USD may even decline.

Columnist: Jason

EXPIRED USDX: "Recession" Trading Is Coming

he minutes may change the direction of the market, that is, the "recession trade" may come soon. After all, the risk of recession has previously remained only in the imagination and expectations of market traders. However, the November minutes were the first to include the word "recession" in the economic outlook, which is a significant rhetorical change.

Columnist: Jason

PENDING EURUSD: Uptrend Remains Intact Despite Seeming Weakness of Bulls

Before this week's key data are released, the USD had entered a huge support zone. The market could face a big challenge this week as we emerge from the downturn in U.S. yields and begin to study how markets can begin to price the upcoming recession. In a pessimistic scenario, this could turn a bullish market of the USD into a bearish one.

Columnist: Eva Chen

TRADING EURUSD: Trade Within the Range as Positive Support Remains

Eurozone CPI eased to 10.0% in November from 10.6%, below expectations of 10.4%. CPI excluding energy, food, alcohol, and tobacco remained unchanged at 5.0% YoY. Core inflation in the eurozone is expected to be more volatile and will not decline rapidly in the near term.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +657 Points EURUSD: Bullish Flag Formation Emerging, Euro May Continue to Rise

The Eurozone's November HICP will make it difficult for the market to link a fall in inflation to a slowdown in rate hikes. But this may also be good for the euro. Meanwhile, the two US labor market-related data and Powell's speech will bring about another collision of market expectations with that of the Fed.

Columnist: Jason

PENDING EURUSD: Pessimistic Expectations Improved, EUR Could Be Boosted in the Medium Term

Although the industrial sentiment index is not improved, the eurozone economic sentiment, and consumer and service sector sentiment index were promoted in November. Marginally, the market's pessimistic expectations for the eurozone gradually improved, which may boost the EUR in the medium term.

Columnist: King Ten

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