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Trading USDCAD: Bulls Expected to Retest the March Supply Zone of 1.3743

USDCAD accelerated higher after breaking above its major bearish trend line near 1.3505. Earlier on Thursday, bulls continued to move higher amid widespread USD strength, hitting the 1.3600 handle at the highest level in three weeks. We believe that the USD will not stop rising because the market's current negotiations around the U.S. debt ceiling will continue to push up risk aversion.

Columnist: Eva Chen

Trading WTI: Stakeholders Are Sure to Find the Greatest Common Factor to Maintain Price Stability

Before the OPEC meeting, crude oil was under selling pressure as there were signs of disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia over a cut in production. Saudi Arabia accuses Russia of violating its production plans to restrict exports to other countries that have imposed bans on its energy goods.

Columnist: Eva Chen

Trading WTI: Lack of the Main Line, Dominated by Oscillation

Limited space for up and down, suggesting buying low and selling high within 71-74.

Columnist: King Ten

Trading BTCUSD: Does Market Failure to Break Wave 4 Indicate the Start of Upward Impulse Waves Structure for Bulls?

Bitcoin closed the month of May at $27,210, with an overall return of -7.2% for the month of May. The market is currently expecting that historical monthly returns indicate that Bitcoin prices may continue to fall in the next quarter. However, from a technical chart perspective, does the market's failure to break the low point of wave 4 imply the imminent start of upward impulse waves?

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +1700 Points EUR/USD Poised for Decline as Bearish Sentiment Grows

In the world of currency trading, the EUR/USD pair has been a focal point for traders seeking profitable opportunities. Recent developments in the market indicate that the trading instrument is likely to rise to the nearest resistance area and subsequently begin its decline. This article delves into the factors influencing this prediction and provides insights for traders looking to navigate the current market dynamics.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

EXPIRED EUR/USD: Bearish Outlook for the Upcoming Week

The EUR/USD currency pair is poised to continue its bearish trajectory in the forthcoming week, supported by a combination of technical analysis and fundamental factors.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

LOSS -1709 Points EURUSD: Wide Range of Fluctuation Is Drawing to a Close, and Directional Selection Is About to Begin

The EURUSD remained pessimistic on Tuesday to cope with the recovery of risk aversion. The asset's recent actions still have no direction, and it has remained in the range of 1.0942-1.1095 for the fourth consecutive week. Breaking through any range will generate new direction signals.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -1058 Points EURUSD: Broader Medium-Term Uptrend to Remain Intact If Key Support Holds

Strong inflation and spending data in the report seems to have boosted the U.S. dollar despite weak U.S. GDP growth in the first quarter. EURUSD came under bearish pressure again on Thursday and fell below the 1.1000 handle in the New York session. From a technical perspective, the overall trend remains upward.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -500 Points USD/JPY: What's Next? Assessing the Impact of US Debt Ceiling Agreement and Economic Factors

The recent breakthrough of the important resistance convergence in the USD/JPY pair, along with positive developments such as the US debt ceiling agreement and strong economic data, indicate a potential upward trajectory. Technical indicators, including trendline breakouts, bullish divergences, and respected support levels, support the bullish bias.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PROFIT +491 Points USDJPY: Bullish Trend Unchanged, but Overbought Conditions Will Trigger a Correction

Japanese consumer prices accelerated in April, with CPI accelerating from 3.2% to 3.5%. Core CPI rose from 3.1% to 3.4%. The indicator has been above the Bank of Japan's 2% target for 13 consecutive months, indicating continued inflationary pressures. Despite these inflationary pressures, there are no clear signs that the BOJ is ready to exit its ultra-easy monetary policy.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -2901 Points USDJPY: Facing Strong Resistance as No Stable Upward Fundamentals

Before breaking the key resistance, further possible appreciation of USDJPY will be unstable.

Columnist: King Ten

PENDING USDJPY: Buy the Dips as the Conditions for Further Rally Are Not Available

USDJPY climbed to 138.91 before the New York session on Tuesday, the highest level since May 28. Subsequently, the Markit U.S. service industry and manufacturing PMI in May, which recorded mixed results, put the USDJPY on the defensive against bulls. We have always believed that prices should return to the average before they are pushed up further.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -1938 Points GBPUSD: Higher Lows and Record Highs Are Positive Signs of Continued Stronger Price

Recently, the GBPUSD gained bullish momentum above the resistance level of 1.2500 and climbed to around 1.2660. The market is now waiting for the decision of the policy meeting of the Bank of England on Thursday. The probability of raising the interest rate by 25 basis points has been agreed by the market. What is uncertain is the forward-looking guidance of the Bank of England and the voting proportion.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -1150 Points GBPUSD: Despite the Increase in Short Positions, Open Interest Could Trigger Another Rebound

Hedge funds are beginning to wonder whether the GBP's rally could last longer after it unexpectedly became the best-performing currency in the Group of Ten this year.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -500 Points The Struggling Dollar and Strong Pound: What Traders Need to Know

The US dollar is currently facing significant challenges against other major currencies, with traders eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve's announcement regarding the end of its hiking cycle.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PROFIT +1557 Points GBP/USD Plummets as Bank of England Raises Interest Rates Amid Inflation Concerns

GBP/USD suffered a notable decline subsequent to the Bank of England's decision to raise interest rates, driven by concerns over inflation. The US dollar's strength amidst uncertainties further contributed to the pair's downward trajectory. From a technical standpoint, the GBP/USD pair has breached key support levels, indicating the possibility of continued bearish movement

Columnist: Warren Takunda

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