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EUR/USD's Fate Hangs in Balance, Decisive Trading Moments Shape Market Direction

Anticipating a pivotal trading week: Morgan Stanley foresees euro dip vs. USD. Eyes on ECB cuts, Powell's testimony, and US job data for market cues.

Chandan Gupta

Gold's Technical Indicators Hint at Overbought Conditions

Consider gold purchases at each dip, with the $2,000 per ounce mark serving as a psychological threshold. This level acts as a dividing line between opposing trends in the market.

Chandan Gupta

India's Farmer Protest Fuels Opposition Hopes of Denting Modi's Appeal

Farmers seek legal guarantee for minimum purchase price. Series of export curbs, cheaper imports hit farm income.


Timing is Everything: Five Questions for the ECB

The European Central Bank meets on Thursday, with markets eyeing any nudge towards an interest rate cut as inflation weakens.


Bitcoin Surges Past $65,000 Aiming Record Highs

The foremost cryptocurrency is currently within a 5% margin of its 2021 peak in terms of U.S. dollars.

Zi Cheng

U.S. Stocks Retreat Amidst Investor Anticipation for Interest Rate Signals

In early Monday trading, Wall Street stocks edged lower, stepping back from recent record highs achieved last week, with traders awaiting additional signals regarding the future of U.S. interest rates.

Ukadike Micheal

How Super Tuesday could be Haley's Last Chance to Stop Trump

Super Tuesday next week could be former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's last chance to stop former U.S. President Donald Trump's drive to clinch the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.


Persistent Bearish Momentum Defines GBP/USD Currency Pair Movement

Anticipating the GBP/USD to sustain its decline this week, awaiting market and investor responses to pivotal events. The currency pair's trajectory hinges on the unfolding developments.

Chandan Gupta

Japan's Nikkei Stock Index Touches New High Once Again

For the inaugural occasion, Japan's key stock index concluded trading above the 40,000 mark.

Zi Cheng

Will Bank of Canada Pave the Way for A Rate Cut after CPI Drop?

Bank of Canada kicks off March round of central bank meetings. Dovish tilt is possible after CPI drops back below 3.0%. Wednesday's decision, due 14:45 GMT, may deepen loonie's losses.


Switzerland February CPI Declines Not As Expected

Consumer prices have increased by 1.2% compared to the previous year, slightly surpassing economists' estimated rise of 1.1%.

Zi Cheng

Market Momentum Halts as Investors Await Clues on Potential Rate Cuts

European shares, after a six-week ascent to near record highs, took a pause as investors awaited confirmation. Further market direction may hinge on the upcoming jobs data and testimony from Powell.

Ukadike Micheal

European Central Bank Gravitating Toward A Mid-Year Rate Cut

The outlook for ECB monetary easing has been fluid...


The Week Ahead: Eyes on US Labor Report and Fed's Policy Outlook

The upcoming week brings a flurry of market activity, with a focus on US jobs data, Fed speeches, ECB policy, and key indicators globally.

Warren Takunda

Concerns Among UK Traders Over Hunt's Budget and its Potential to Accelerate Inflation

Bond investors are preparing for a possible uptick in inflation as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is urged to provide pre-election giveaways in the upcoming spring budget. The prospect of tax cuts is seen as a potential inflationary trigger, potentially limiting the scope for rate cuts later this year.

Ukadike Micheal

Could Tokyo CPI Open the Door to BoJ Policy Normalization?

Tokyo CPI report kicks off a very interesting period for the BoJ. Earnings data under the microscope until outcome of wage talks.


Bitcoin Surges Amid Growing ETF Demand Despite Outflows from GBTC

Bitcoin is on a two-day upward trajectory, nearing its all-time high, buoyed by anticipated strong demand for exchange-traded funds. The cryptocurrency's current rally appears unhindered by obstacles.

Ukadike Micheal

Gold Technical: On the Cusp of a Potential Major Bullish Breakout

Gold (XAU/USD) recorded its highest weekly gain of 2.33% year-to-date on 1 March 2024, and its best weekly return seen in the past three months.

Owen Li

Oil Sees Modest Gains as OPEC+ Extends Output Cut Agreement into the Second Quarter

Following OPEC+'s anticipated extension of output cuts, oil prices saw a slight increase on Monday. Brent futures rose by 14 cents to $83.69, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) inched up 3 cents to $80 a barrel.

Ukadike Micheal

Swiss Inflation Snapshot: CPI Surges 0.6% in February 2024, Reflecting Economic Dynamics

Switzerland saw a 0.6% CPI increase in February 2024, led by housing and air transport costs. The HICP echoed this trend, rising 1.2% year-on-year, offering insights for cross-border economic comparisons.

Ukadike Micheal

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