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Oil Markets: An Early Peek into 2023

Despite Western sanctions and volatile prices, Russian oil exports proved resilient last year. The global oil market may face different challenges in 2023.

Kevin Du

World's Central Banks Enforce Pay Squeeze Even as They Tighten Monetary Policy

Regulators face struggle to balance demands for upping employees' salaries.

Samantha Luan

Key Events in Developed Markets Next Week

Next week is packed with central bank meetings. We see the Federal Reserve raising rates by 25 basis points, given inflation is moving in the right direction.

Devin Wang

Fed Will Not Wait for Inflation at Target Before Easing

If recent history is anything to go by, the Federal Reserve will not wait for inflation to fall to its target before cutting interest rates again.


Wall St Week Ahead-Recession Fears Pose Challenge to Energy Shares After Stellar Year

A potential U.S. recession and tough comparisons to a stellar 2022 are weighing on the prospects of energy stocks delivering an encore to last year's stunning run, despite valuations that are seen as still comparatively cheap.


Crop of the Future? More Climate-Hit Kenyans Count on Fish Farming

County in Kenya supports farmers to build fish ponds. Fish farming can boost water storage for agriculture.

Devin Wang

Why India's Growing Population Is an Asset to Its Economy

A large youth population in a consumer-driven economy will be a factor in driving growth.

Owen Li

U.S. Economy is Losing Momentum. A Recession around the Corner?

Retail sales and industrial production fell more than expected. With a recession on the horizon, silver may fly if the Fed stops the hikes!


How FTX, the 'Bitcoin Killer', Killed Itself

The prevailing bet was that sooner or later, a new killer app would emerge. It would be the next Facebook, or even Google.

Kevin Du

The World is Full of Uncertainty, Should You Buy Gold in 2023?

Few people think that in 2022 there will be such big shocks after 2 years of the pandemic that has caused many countries to close their borders, impose a series of blockade orders and disrupt global supply chains.

Samantha Luan

The New Geopolitical Play

This brought a lot of benefits, but even good things come to an end.


How Government is Driving Agricultural Development in Rural Communities of Nigeria

The rural infrastructures include the construction/rehabilitation of rural feeder roads, boreholes, mini water treatment plants, and provision of solar powered and conventional electricity.

Devin Wang

Hedge Funds Eye Treasury Steepeners With Last Fed Move in Sight

Hedge Funds Eye Treasury Steepeners With Last Fed Move in Sight.

Owen Li

How Does Japan's Yield Curve Control Work?

The Bank of Japan's yield curve control (YCC) is under fierce market attack, as investors test the bank's commitment to capping bond yields with inflation above the BOJ's target.

Owen Li

US Fed, not Inflation, is Now the Greatest Threat to Economic Recovery

Do Malaysians really understand what is happening with inflation, beyond the pain inflicted by rising prices?

Samantha Luan

The Commodities Feed: OPEC+ Noise Begins

Noise ahead of next week’s OPEC+ meeting has begun and given the level of…

Devin Wang

Bitcoin: Store of Value or Fool's Gold?

The verdict is in.

Kevin Du

2023: A World of Uncertainty

This former ambassador writes, "Looking ahead at key geopolitical trends and challenges in 2023, their overarching aspect is uncertainty and unpredictability."


How Bitcoin is Affecting Businesses and the Economy in Nigeria

As of right now, Bitcoin is developing ever-increasing popularity all over the world.

Kevin Du

China's Brutal Covid Winter

Last month, China ended its zero-Covid policy, bringing a tumultuous end to restrictions after nearly three years. The suddenness of the move surprised nearly everyone.


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