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Financial News

Turkey Witnesses Bitcoin Frenzy Amid Economic Turmoil

Cryptocurrency ownership is soaring in Turkey as high inflation and a weak lira prompt Turks to seek ways to preserve the value of their savings. Concerns rise about a fast-growing industry and legislation is overdue.

Kevin Du

Skepticism About Sudanese Military's Calls for Dialogue

Analysts believe the recent call by Sudan's military leaders for a dialogue to overcome the ongoing political crisis will not lead to any results.

Devin Wang

After Reopening, Thailand's Battered Tourism Struggles to Rebuild

Authorities hope 5 to 15 million visitors will visit the country this year, down from 40 million before the pandemic.


China's Economy Cools Down Significantly. Will the CNY Continue to Depreciate?

Under the impact of the pandemic, China's economy cooled down significantly in April, with downward pressure on the economy coming to the fore and the CNY exchange rate continuing to depreciate, but the economy is also expected to improve with the better conditions of the pandemic and policy stimul


Cutting City Regulation Risks Another Financial Crash, Say Economists

Leading economists publish letter to Rishi Sunak in response to proposed financial services and markets bill.

Devin Wang

Front-Runner to Be Next BOJ Chief Calls for Faster Green Growth Strategy

Hiroshi Nakaso, seen as the next BOJ governor, said Japan needed a faster "third arrow" growth strategy focused on promoting a carbon-neutral society.

Owen Li

Gold Around 1,800 Border, Bearish Risks Linger

Despite the strong inflation outlook, gold was unable to recover or even edged lower, hovering around 1,793.


Crypto's Impossible Trilemma

All cryptocurrencies face an "impossible trilemma" in which they can provide two, but not all, of the following attributes: Parity with the dollar over long periods, Insusceptibility to sudden collapse from "runs", Profits to founders.

Kevin Du

GPCA Plastics Conference in Saudi Arabia for First Time

Saudi Arabia will host the 11th edition of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association Plastics Conference for the first time, attracting senior industry leaders to discuss the future of plastics in the Gulf region and beyond.

Devin Wang

How Australia's Election Could Shape China Ties, Climate Action and Equality

The ongoing Australian election will determine the future of Australia's relationship with China, climate action and more.

Owen Li

Sheikh Mohamed to lead UAE Towards New Heights of Economic Growth, Prosperity

Country's economy to continue its journey toward diversification as the new policy measures will help achieve sustainable growth.

Devin Wang

Bitcoin Has No Future as A Payments Network, Says FTX chief

Bankman-Fried criticises biggest digital asset over inefficiency and high environmental costs.

Kevin Du

Wheat Prices Rise Almost 6% As India Export Ban Shakes Markets

Chicago futures hit limit after New Delhi curbed shipments to combat surging food prices.

Owen Li

European Dealmakers Face Shrinking Debt Options as Recession Risk Looms

As recessionary pressures continue to mount in Europe, more bond investors are demanding higher returns, forcing European traders to consider downsizing the bond market.

Devin Wang

How 'Transitory' Is Japanese Inflation?

From flour to fridges: Price pressures loom, but BOJ and experts say they won't last.

Owen Li

Japan Manufacturers Exit China, Southeast Asia to Bring Production Back Home

A rapidly weakening yen, supply-chain constraints, geopolitical risks and changing wage patterns are prompting the switch, a Japanese steel executive said.

Owen Li

China Keeps Key Interest Rate Unchanged Despite Sharp Economic Slowdown

China's central bank refrained from cutting interest rates despite mounting evidence of a sharp slowdown in economic growth, suggesting policy makers may be concerned about the currency's depreciation and capital outflows.

Owen Li

Macroeconomic Data of China's Economy from January to April

Since the beginning of this year, affected by various factors, the overall downward pressure on China's economy has increased, and the general trend of high-quality development has not changed.


[ECB] EU Lowers Euro-Area GDP Forecast, Expects 6.1% Inflation, Draft Shows

The European Commission expects GDP growth of 2.7% in 2022 and 2.3% in 2023, according to a draft from the European Union (EU). This is the first EU projection since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

FastBull Featured

Rising Domestic Rice Prices Unsettle Thai Exporters

After Iraq resumed rice imports from Thailand, its huge demand directly pushed up the price of domestic rice in Thailand soaring.

Owen Li

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