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USDCAD: Bullish Potential for the Pair Remains Unchanged Due to Risk Aversion

The USDCAD is trading above last week's bullish breakout momentum and continues to gain positive traction on Monday. This momentum pushed the spot price to its highest level since June 2020, sitting near 1.3640 in the early European session and supported by a number of factors.

Eva Chen


GBPUSD: GBP Stabilized and Recovered, but Still Too Early to Confirm the Bottom

Market speculation that the Bank of England will have to step in to stabilize its currency helped the GBPUSD recover all of its losses in the Asian session and rally back above the 1.0800 handle by the New York session.

Eva Chen

View on Defaults & Leverage

We expect corporate margins and earnings will be put under pressure in the coming months as inflation, rising energy prices, recession and higher funding costs takes its toll.

King Ten

Failure of the Pound Shows Truss will Have to be as Tough as Thatcher

The new UK Prime Minister has taken controversial steps in a bid to turn things around.


Palestinian Economy Falters Despite Pandemic Recovery

Despite the end of the coronavirus pandemic, an improvement in the Palestinian economy does not seem very likely given other factors.

Devin Wang

Forget Trickle Down, What the UK Needs is Middle-Out Economics

Liz Truss is banking on a failed policy. The focus should be on the real driving force behind economic growth.



WTI: Will There Be An "Oversold Bounce" After A Big Drop?

Oil prices recorded their longest one-week decline of the year last week, falling more than 5% overall for the fourth straight week, and closed below $79 per barrel on Friday for the first time since January, as global central banks let loose to step up their fight against inflation at the expense

Eva Chen

Market Outlook for the Week – Foreign Exchange

Under the continuous inflationary pressure, the Federal Reserve is expected to maintain a relatively tight policy. The appreciation of the USD will continue, while downward pressure on non-USD currencies generally increases.


Like with Big Tech, the U.S. is Moving too Slowly to Regulate Crypto

American lawmakers and regulators risk not learning from previous mistakes.

Kevin Du


USDCNH: The Central Bank Intervenes in the Forex Market, But It Is Hard to Change the Depreciation Trend

On September 26, the People's Bank of China announced that since September 28, it will increase the foreign exchange risk reserve ratio of forward foreign exchange sales business from 0 to 20%, but it is hard to change the trend of RMB depreciation.

King Ten

Egypt Explores Production of Green Fuels for Ships

Egypt plans to cooperate with the Maersk global shipping group to establish a national network to produce and distribute green fuel for ships, depending on new and renewable energy sources, as the country gears up to host the COP27 climate summit.

Devin Wang


CMX COPPER: Absolute Inventories Low, Focus on Short-Term Bottom Support

The Fed's aggressive interest rate hike has pushed the U.S. dollar index up sharply, and overseas recession expectations are self-enforcing, which puts downward pressure on copper prices, but at the same time domestic is still actively stabilizing the economy, and copper inventories are low and sup

King Ten

Can Marcos Jr Resurrect the Golden Age of Filipino Diplomacy?

The Marcos Jr dynasty has form when it comes to making nuanced foreign policy in a complicated region.

Owen Li


EURUSD: Euro Rally Limited, Downside Focus on 0.95671

The euro is weakened by multiple factors. Although the euro has rallied in the short term, it is only due to market sentiment. And coupled with the fact that a new round of downside has been opened, the euro is expected to have a limited rebound.


Oil Stocks to Rise on Slower Demand, OPEC Cuts Needed to Bolster Prices

Global oil stocks are set to rise next year amid weakening demand and a stronger U.S. dollar, executives at an oil conference said on Monday, adding that OPEC will have to cut output to reduce supply if they want prices to remain supported.



USDX: Dollar Expected to Continue Upside with Risk Aversion Support

The market is in turmoil and strong risk aversion is supporting the dollar's rise.


Britain's Fiscal Plan Sends Sterling Skidding to All-Time Low

Sterling skidded briefly to an all-time low early on Monday as investors in Asia reacted to the new British government's fiscal plan, which threatens to stretch the country's finances to their limits.

Devin Wang


EURCAD : Clean Wedge Breakout & Retest

The EURCAD price is expected to fall to 1.29000 with two price targets since it is currently at a resistance level.

Warren Takunda

GCC Banks to Approach Pre-COVID Profitability Levels in 2022, S&P Says

Rating agency expects oil prices and interest rates to boost lenders in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Devin Wang


ETH-USDT: Bulls Need to Be Cautious as Weakness Remains

In the daily chart, there is a strong pressure zone between 1350 and 1420, and the price is currently in a rebound trend. It is recommended to go short at highs.


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