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The latest breaking news and the global financial events.

October 4th Financial News

U.S. House votes to remove Republican House Speaker McCarthy; U.S. job openings rose unexpectedly to 9.61 million in August, while layoffs remained low; the yen rebounds after falling below 150 amid talk of Japan's intervention...

October 3rd Financial News

Powell: The Fed is committed to preserving the labor market; Mann: Inflation volatility indicates that interest rates will rise; U.S. Treasury yields continue to rise...

October 2nd Financial News

The U.S. government's shutdown threat eases; McCarthy may be ousted after the stopgap measure is successfully passed; BoJ Governor: There is still a long way to go before exiting the easing policy...

September 29th Financial News

Japan's inflation has slowed down for three consecutive months, supporting BoJ's view of bringing prices down; Barkin: It is too early to say if rate hikes are needed; the U.S. government shutdown looms, the House and Senate hold procedural votes...

September 28th Financial News

McConnell embraces the U.S. Senate's stopgap spending bill; lower crude inventories push prices higher; the UAW could expand strikes if significant progress is not made in Friday's talks...

September 27th Financial News

Fed's Kashkari expects a 40% chance of meaningfully higher rates; Two Middle Eastern countries plan to expand refining capacity, which may further tighten crude oil supply; the Japanese yen nears the intervention level...

September 26th Financial News

Fed's Goolsbee: Rates will have to stay higher for longer; Japan will compile a new economic stimulus package; ECB Lagarde: No rate cuts are being considered...

September 25th Financial News

U.S. Republicans discuss revising a temporary funding bill, with a duration of 14 to 60 days extended from 30 days; Fed's Bowman favors raising rates again, probably more than once; Biden's disapproval rating hits the highest level during his term...

September 22nd Financial News

Swiss National Bank and Bank of England unexpectedly pause rate hikes; Russia banned gasoline and diesel exports to most countries from Sept. 21; U.S. initial jobless claims hit a nearly 8-month low last week but could rebound in coming weeks...

September 21st Financial News

Fed rate decision: One more rate hike likely this year; U.K. inflation falls unexpectedly to a 18-month low, easing pressure on its central bank...

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FastBull Featured

The latest breaking news and the global financial events.


I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.

Mohammad Omar

BeingTrader chief Trading Coach & Speaker, 8+ years of experience in the forex market trading mainly XAUUSD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and Crude Oil. A confident trader and analyst who aims to explore various opportunities and guide investors in the market. As an analyst I am looking to enhance the trader’s experience by supporting them with sufficient data and signals.

Jan Aldrin Laruscain

Jan Aldrin Laruscain is a market analyst of Forexway and enthusiast in trading currencies and indices. With his degree and passion for Finance, he have devised a specific way of trading which breaks down the market through orderflow analysis with deep consideration for fundamentals. He also write and create commentaries on the latest trends about all things finance!


7 years of stock market, foreign exchange, precious metal and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, biased towards the top-down transaction logic, focusing on macro cycle and risk control, multi-purpose supply and demand theoretical prediction price Changes, balances the impact of transactions, chips distribution and market sentiment, and steady.