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Remarks of Officials

In the world of mankind, there will not be a statement without any position, nor a remark without any purpose.
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[Fed] Two Officials Hold a Dovish Stance in Their Speeches

The inflation report suggests that wage and inflationary pressures remain and that goods inflation is stabilizing. Last year's improvement in the supply of goods and labor set the stage for a further decline in US inflation this year.
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[BoE] Pill: Time for Cutting Bank Rate Remains Some Way Off

In my baseline scenario, the time for cutting Bank Rate remains some way off. I need to see more compelling evidence that the underlying persistent component of UK CPI inflation is being squeezed down to rates consistent with a lasting and sustainable achievement of the 2% inflation target before voting to lower the Bank Rate.
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[Fed] Kugler: Disinflation Will Continue

The recovery in labor supply has contributed to disinflation. Restrictive monetary policy has helped stabilize inflation expectations and avoid a wage-price spiral.
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[Fed] Waller: Reversed Operation Twist?

The Federal Reserve should increase the proportion of shorter-dated Treasury securities in its balance sheet and reduce its holdings of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to zero.
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[Fed] Monetary Policy Report: No Rush to Cut Rates, Eyes on Banking Sector Risks

The Committee does not expect it will be appropriate to cut interest rates until it has gained greater confidence that inflation is moving sustainably toward 2 percent.
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[BOJ] Hajime Takata: Need to "Shift Gear" from Current Extremely Easing Monetary Policy

Although it is necessary to pay attention to the uncertainties that may arise in the future, it is also necessary to "shift gear" from the current extremely easing monetary policy. It includes the removal of the yield curve control framework, the withdrawal of negative interest rates, and the adjustment of the Bank of Japan's commitment to continue to expand the base money until inflation stably exceeds 2%.
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[BOJ] Kazuo Ueda: Eyes on March Wage Talks

Japan's economy has leveled off after continued strong growth, and the economy is set to continue its modest recovery. If substantial success is achieved in wage negotiations, it is expected to boost Japanese consumer spending.
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[Fed] Several Officials Are Patient with a Rate Cut

After the release of the January PCE data, officials such as Mary Daly, Raphael Bostic, and Austan Goolsbee expressed their views on the January PCE data in their speeches.
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[Fed] Mester: PCE Inflation Data Won't Change Expectations for Three Rate Cuts This Year

The PCE inflation data will not change the expectation of three rate cuts this year, but the Fed still has a lot of work to do in reducing inflationary pressures to increase the certainty that inflation will continue to fall. The Fed will continue to be patient on the issue of rate cuts.
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[Fed] Collins: Need to See More Evidence to Ensure Durable Declines in Inflation

Monetary policy is restrictive, but economic activity is resilient. There are still signs of a moderation in demand, as delinquencies on credit cards and auto loans continue to rise. More confidence is needed to ensure durable declines in inflation, and it is important not to overreact to individual data readings.
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