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PROFIT +418 Points "Navigating the DXY: Breaking Down the Recent Rising Wedge Breakout"

The DXY's falling trend has implications for the stock market, which may go up if the trend continues. However, the upcoming CPI data will be a crucial determinant for the DXY's trend. Technical analysis suggests a possible retrace of the trend around 104.7 supply and demand zone. The short-term trend may be volatile until the release of the CPI data.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

LOSS -1722 Points USDX: Is the USD Expected to Complete the Standard "Five Sub-Waves Rising" Structure?

After the Federal Reserve chairman gave testimony in the Senate, the U.S Dollar Index (USDX) tested close to its highest level since early December of 106.00. For now, volatility should remain high and the risk balance in the market is expected to continue to tilt upwards. The focus of today's market will be on testimony 2.0 (the chairman of the Fed testifies in the House of Representatives). Meanwhile, the U.S. ADP employment change in February will be seen as a new driver.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -1492 Points USDX: RSI Touching Overbought Level Leaves Room for Further Decline

The foreign exchange market started the week on a steady note, buoyed by a strong rally in equities last week and a market that seemed to shrug off a slightly lower-than-expected Chinese growth target.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +266 Points USDX: Serious Short-Term Overbought Suggests Possible Retracement

USD may continue to be strong in the near term, but its strength will fade in the medium- to long- term according to the economic fundamentals.

Columnist: King Ten

PROFIT +353 Points EURUSD: A Sharp Drop in European Banking Stocks Led by Credit Suisse Could Continue to Push It Down

The European Central Bank (ECB) will decide on monetary policy on Thursday. Until a few days ago, the market was confident that the ECB would raise interest rates by 50 basis points. After all, this is exactly what ECB President Lagarde and several other members strongly hinted at. But the situation has changed dramatically in recent days. The sharp fall in European banking stocks led by Credit Suisse seems to have triggered risk aversion, which has allowed the USD to gather strength and put the EUR under heavy bearish pressure.

Columnist: Eva Chen

TRADING EURUSD: Eased Decline, USD Suppressed Above

EUR/USD has not shown any strong movement, try to buy low and sell high in the channel.

Columnist: King Ten

LOSS -1245 Points EURUSD: 50 Bps Hike As Expected Is the Best Trade-off, Euro May Continue to Fall Later

The European Central Bank raised its three main policy rates by 50 basis points but gave no guidance on the future policy path in line with market expectations. The ECB highlighted the prevailing risks to the economic and inflation outlook, but further rate hikes may be needed if the current crisis is effectively mitigated.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PENDING Bullish on EURUSD: Targeting 1.10 as Next Major Resistance

EURUSD currency pair is currently attracting the attention of traders and investors due to both fundamental and technical factors. The market is anticipating a weaker US dollar, bullish indices, and bullish cryptocurrencies, which is expected to push the euro higher. Traders are closely watching the 1.071 support and resistance zone for a potential buying opportunity, with the next target set at 1.10. As always, it's essential to keep an eye on market developments and adjust trading strategies accordingly

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PROFIT +2076 Points USDJPY Head and Shoulder Pattern Signals Possible Downside

The USDJPY currency pair has been forming a head and shoulder pattern on the weekly and daily timeframes, which suggests a potential downward movement in the market. Additionally, the 1D demand zone was breached and pushed the price up to the height of the right shoulder. This article will examine the technical and fundamental factors that are driving the market and provide a forecast for the USDJPY currency pair.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

TRADING USDJPY: Recovery Signs Emerge After a Significant Decline, and Defending Intraday Lows May Turn Upward

The USDJPY began a correction earlier this week as yields on U.S. Treasury Securities fell. Nonetheless, the USDJPY rebounded after hitting a monthly low of 132.34, with bear covering showing up just before the release of the U.S. consumer price index.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -739 Points USD/JPY: End of bullish trend

US dollar loses more against other major economies as SVB impact dampens expectations of US interest rate hikes. Over the past three trading sessions, we have witnessed a rapid collapse of the USD/JPY rally.

Columnist: Chandan Gupta

PROFIT +580 Points Yen Emerges as Safe Haven Currency Amid Banking Crisis in the U.S.

In conclusion, the banking crisis in the U.S. has resulted in a liquidity shift towards the safe haven currency of the Yen, which has strengthened more than other currencies. Traders should watch for potential bullish signals around the support level of 132.00 before considering short positions. As the crisis intensifies further, traders may consider buying the JPY against currencies that are affected by the crisis. However, traders should also be cautious and watch for potential bearish signals in the Yen.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PROFIT +170 Points GBPUSD: Choice Space of Bull/Bear Ratio Returns to Starting Point, It's Not Recommended to Bet But Focusing on Strategic Layout

UK GDP improved in January, but industrial and manufacturing production deteriorated. The GBPUSD advanced for the third day in a row amid a continued decline in the U.S. dollar. The overall optimistic UK GDP data for January favored the pound and provided support ahead of the release of the U.S. non-farm payroll data.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +796 Points GBPUSD: Positive Momentum Above 1.2040 Level May Drive Prices Further Upward

GBPUSD lost momentum and fell below the 1.2050 level after hitting an intra-day high above 1.2100 in early European trade. The pair is currently in a neutral range. Investors are trading cautiously as they watch how the ECB will set policy amid market tensions.

Columnist: Eva Chen

LOSS -946 Points GBPUSD: Bears in Control as Fundamental and Technical Factors Align

Based on the alignment of fundamental, technical, and sentiment factors, we believe that the GBPUSD bears are in control, and it is a good time to look for opportunities to go short. The rejection of the broken support turned into resistance and a 50% FIB level provides a good opportunity to enter a short position. Traders can consider waiting for a bearish entry signal at this level before entering a short position.

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PENDING GBPUSD: Mainly Buy at Lows Rather Than Pursuing Highs with Strong Short-term Momentum

The GBPUSD touched its highest level since Feb.14 during the Asian session on Monday. In the first half of the European session, the pair traded above the 1.2200 mark and remained under the influence of the price dynamics of the dollar.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +317 Points AUDUSD: Bearish Strengths Have Full Control of the Situation, but Slowdown in Downward Momentum Could Lead to Corrective Rally

Although the Australian Bureau of Statistics published optimistic monthly retail sales data, the AUD failed to find more buying. The monthly economic data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is 1.9%, which is higher than the market expectation of 1.5%. In December, retail sales contracted by 3.9%.

Columnist: Eva Chen

PROFIT +458 Points Australian Unemployment Rate Rose, AUD/USD Dipped 400 Points

Australian unemployment rate (seasonally adjusted) reached 3.7% in January, highest since May 2022.

Columnist: Ricardo Nguyen

PROFIT +94 Points AUDUSD: RBA's Interest Rate Decision Causes AUD to Drop, but Interest Rate Hikes May Not Be Over

While the RBA's interest rate decision has caused the AUD to drop, it does not necessarily mean that interest rate hikes in Australia are over. The market is currently in a downward trend, and traders should carefully monitor economic data and market trends

Columnist: Warren Takunda

PROFIT +411 Points AUDUSD: Although the Bulls Have Made a Great Response After Testing the Upward Resistance, Further Retracement Could Be Limited

The AUDUSD encountered heavy supply on Wednesday and fell back near its weekly lows. An increase in investors' bets on further Fed rate hikes, pushing the USD back towards a multi-week high, was a key driver of the AUDUSD's sell-off tone. The rebound in the next few days may be fragile, and we are looking for a possible downside depletion when the pullback occurs.

Columnist: Eva Chen

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