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TRADING Nikkei 225: Large Manufacturing Industries' Index Worsens for Second Consecutive Quarter with Japan's Economy in Trouble

Japan's confidence index of large manufacturing industries continued to decline in the second quarter, with the decline widening from the previous quarter. The Tankan index released once a quarter is an important indicator of economic sentiment in Japan. Among them, the confidence index of large man

Columnist: Samantha Luan

TRADING XAUUSD: Short-Term Gold May Break Below Further as Inflation Peaking Expectation Is Rising

The U.S. PCE slowed down in May, and the rise of the market's expectation of peaking inflation has weakened the attractiveness of gold, gold price breaks below further in the short term.

Columnist: Winkelmann

TRADING USDCNH: Triple Pressure Remains, Economic Recovery Is Weak in the Second Half of the Year 

The recent economic rally has been driven mainly by the natural recovery after the pandemic and the release of previously pent-up demand. The strength of the subsequent recovery is yet to be observed. With the current lack of momentum and greater uncertainty over the development of the pandemic, the

Columnist: Samantha Luan

TRADING USDJPY: Continuous Bearish Divergence at Highs, Potential Double Tops Suppression Will Appear 

Continuous USDJPY bearish divergence happens at highs in multiple timeframes. At present, a potential double tops pattern may appear near 137.0, making it bearish for the pair in the short term.

Columnist: Winkelmann

PENDING EURUSD: The Closer the Price Gets to the Bottom of the Range, the More Cautious the Bears Should Be

Driven once again by soaring food and energy prices, the preliminary annual CPI in the Eurozone registered 8.6% in June, higher than the 8.1% recorded in May. The data reflects growing pressures on households and businesses in the 19 eurozone member states and reinforces calls for a significant inte

Columnist: Eva Chen

EXPIRED EURUSD: Suppressed by Inflation, EUR Is Not Optimistic in the Short Term 

It is expected that the HICP will be bearish for the EUR. In addition, Lagarde said at the European Central Bank's (ECB) annual monetary policy forum on Wednesday that the era of low inflation before the pandemic is gone, and the ECB has been underestimating price increases. If this HICP confirms th

Columnist: Jason

PROFIT +381 Points EURUSD: With the End of the Monthly Chart, Will the Further Descending Trend Start?

Officials of the major central banks indicated at the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting in Portugal that higher interest rates were necessary to curb soaring inflation. The EURUSD fell sharply as major central banks warned that the loose money era was coming to an end.

Columnist: Eva Chen

EXPIRED EURUSD: Euro Under Pressure Sets a New Two-Week Low, PCE Will Make It "Compounded"

The U.S. PCE data will be released within the day, which could change the market's expectations for the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike in the short term, thus enabling the dollar to open a new round of trend. As the current trend of EUR / USD is based on the dollar, the trend of the Euro will

Columnist: Jason

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