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7 years of stock market, foreign exchange, precious metal and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, biased towards the top-down transaction logic, focusing on macro cycle and risk control, multi-purpose supply and demand theoretical prediction price Changes, balances the impact of transactions, chips distribution and market sentiment, and steady.
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Russia tightens grain trade grip as western firms pull back

In the span of just two days, the future of Western grain traders in Russia has been quickly rewritten.

BOJ Jolts Markets in Surprise Change to Yield Curve Policy

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is set to maintain ultra-low interest rates on Tuesday and reassure markets it will be in no rush to withdraw stimulus, even as rising inflation prods investors to price in the chance of a policy.

Gold is a Certainty in Uncertain Times

Gold-backed cryptocurrency is a cost-effective way to invest in gold.

Will the US dollar continue to rally in 2023?

The US dollar is likely to trend weaker in 2023 after hitting record highs against every major currency this year.
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USDCAD: Declining Highs and Short Trend in Establishment

The Fed will slow down the pace of interest rate hikes, which has led to downward pressure on USDCAD combined with the rally in oil prices.

USDJPY: Higher Downside Risk in Medium to Long Term, Continue Shorting after Rally

The USDJPY has fallen back significantly from its highs and still faces further downside risk in the medium to long term. Shorting is still an option after the rally.

Market Outlook for This Week - Commodities

With the Fed Rate Decision and the US CPI "Super Week" approaching, the gold price is expected to reach new highs; while the crude oil market is weighed down by demand fears of economic recession and is prone to fall but not rise in the short term.

Has the 10-Year Treasury Yield Peaked?

As inflation is slowing down, markets expect that the Fed will decelerate the pace of rate hikes. In particular, the constant inversion of the yield curve indicates that the Fed's tightening policy is entering the final stage and the US Treasury yields may have peaked.
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GBPUSD: The Dollar's Rally Is Limited, and the Pound May Return to Gains

As energy prices are falling, expectations of U.S. inflation have eased. The US dollar still remains weak, which could push GBPUSD further up.
LOSS -1300 Points

EURUSD: Dollar Downside Momentum Limited, Beware of Euro Bulls Taking Profits on Retracement

Market expectations for the Fed to continue to raise interest rates have not yet been dashed, with the terminal rate likely to reach more than 5% next year. The dollar's recent downside momentum may have to come to a temporary end, while the EURUSD is at risk of a further retracement.
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