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7 years of stock market, foreign exchange, precious metal and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, biased towards the top-down transaction logic, focusing on macro cycle and risk control, multi-purpose supply and demand theoretical prediction price Changes, balances the impact of transactions, chips distribution and market sentiment, and steady.
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China's Economy Cools Down Significantly. Will the CNY Continue to Depreciate?

Under the impact of the pandemic, China's economy cooled down significantly in April, with downward pressure on the economy coming to the fore and the CNY exchange rate continuing to depreciate, but the economy is also expected to improve with the better conditions of the pandemic and policy stimul

AUDUSD: AUD is Affected by the Declining Commodity Prices

The recent decline in the prices of commodities such as iron ore exhibits the market's concerns about the slowdown of global economic growth, causing the bearish sentiment for commodity AUD.
CLOSED -361 Points

USDJPY: High Possibility of Short-term Pullback as Safe-Haven JPY Returns

Risk assets such as U.S. stocks have been hit hard recently, and the safe-haven JPY is once again in favor, with USDJPY showing a clear bearish trend in the short term.
CLOSED +978 Points

EURJPY: Falling from Highs, the Short-Term Pullback Continues

EURJPY has shown an obvious bearish trend, and a pullback is expected in the short term.

NZDUSD: Bears Dominate the Market, Room to Fall in the Short Term

US inflation moderated, but the decline was less than expected. Meanwhile, the US dollar (USD) remains firm at its current high level, while the New Zealand dollar (NZD) remains weak in general.
CLOSED +404 Points

XAUUSD: Overall Trend is Bearish with a Possible Rebound in the Short Term

Gold is at present in a clear bearish trend, and it tends to rebound and adjust in the short term.
CLOSED +302 Points

AUDUSD: The Level of 0.7000 is Broken with Further Room for Decline

Commodity currency AUD faces the risk of a further decline caused by concerns about demand due to the slowing global growth.

NZDUSD: NZD Shows a Weak Trend, Shorts Dominating the Market 

The overall trend of the NZD is weak, shorts are still dominating the market. There is still the possibility of falling again after a short-term adjustment.
CLOSED +2800 Points

XAUUSD: With Strong Short-Term Short-Selling Momentum, To Continue to Short after a Rally

The U.S. dollar is still strong and extremely unfavorable to gold prices. The short-selling momentum is strong in the short term.
CLOSED +821 Points

AUDUSD: Longs and Shorts Battle at the Tipping Point, with 0.700 Mark at Stake

With inflation intensifying, market concerns about global economic growth have also increased. The Australian dollar, a commodity currency, could fall further.
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