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7 years of stock market, foreign exchange, precious metal and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, biased towards the top-down transaction logic, focusing on macro cycle and risk control, multi-purpose supply and demand theoretical prediction price Changes, balances the impact of transactions, chips distribution and market sentiment, and steady.
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Central Bank Rate Cuts: Watch What They Do, Listen to What They Say

The Bank of Canada and the European Central Bank cut interest rates before the Federal Reserve. However, judging from what central bank officials say, they are not very dovish but remain cautious despite rate cuts.

US Real Estate Boom: Is the Difficulty in Cutting Rates to Blame?

Despite high interest rates in the US, the real estate market is thriving against the trend, driving up housing inflation. This disrupts the Fed's efforts to lower overall inflation, making it difficult to implement interest rate cuts.

Battles over the Yen's Exchange Rate

The substantial interest rate differential between the U.S. and Japan drives the continuous depreciation of the yen. Even with intervention from the Japanese government, the impact is quite limited and it cannot alter the long-term weakening of the yen, providing even more profitable opportunities for speculators to short the yen.

With Iran-Israel Conflict Not Escalating, Gold Has Retreated After Surging, Is the Rally Over?

Iran launched an attack on Israel, and gold took the opportunity to surge and then pulled back, which may trigger more corrections in the short term. However, in a year when the Fed may turn to rate cuts, the support for long-term bullishness for gold remains, so there will be better buying opportunities ahead.

The Gold Frenzy: Is Sky the Limit?

Gold continues to break historical records, with unlimited heights in the future.

Upside Still Dominates the Gold Market This Year

In a year when the Fed may be turning to interest rate cuts, the future of gold remains optimistic, supported by multiple factors.

Chaos in the Crude Oil Market

Despite the escalating situation in the Middle East, the crude oil market reacted poorly and continued to trade in a range with a lack of clear direction.

Facepalm! What Is the Future of JPY Bulls?

As the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been on hold, the Fed rate cut is expected to be delayed again and again, and the JPY bulls are losing. Is there still hope for a reversal?

Gold Is Waiting for an Easing Signal from the Fed

Under the combined influence of safe-haven demand, central bank gold-buying rush, and Fed rate-cutting expectations, the outlook for gold is worth looking forward to, but the market is also waiting for the Fed to release clearer easing signals.

Markets Spin in Place as Central Bank Policy Tone Shifts Frequently

As central banks adjust the market's bets on policy shifts, the market trend has become less so than the previous consensus expectations, before the Fed's first interest rate cut clues, the market is afraid that it is difficult to get out of the oscillator pattern.

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