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Central Bank

Inflation, exchange rates, and the economy shape the policy decisions of central banks; the attitudes and words of central bank officials also influence the actions of market traders.
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Financial News
Trading Analysis

British Manufacturers Readying to Increase Output

A new survey of British manufacturers reveals that companies are readying to boost output in the coming months, fueled by increasing confidence.
Warren Takunda

Will the BoJ Disappoint Once Again?

BoJ manages to upset the market even with historic hike. Yen tumbles to 34-year low even as market prices in summer hike. Will another disappointment trigger yen intervention?

Investing in a World of Higher-For-Longer Interest Rates

The jubilant mood that kicked off the year has faded, with markets now pricing in just two rate cuts on persistent inflation in the US…

Dollar Recovers From PMI Slump, Yen Nears 155 Per Dollar

Dollar up after European data dip. Yen near record low as Japan warns of intervention. US inflation data eyed for further dollar gains.
Warren Takunda

BoE Tries To Sail a Mid-Ocean Policy

Cut in June or not at all?

Slow Grind on Disinflation, RBA on Hold

Inflation was a bit higher than expected in the March quarter. It is declining...

Risk Asset Resilience, Indonesia's Rate Call

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets.
Samantha Luan

Yen Weakens Further, Intervention Talk Heats Up Ahead of BOJ Meeting

The Japanese yen weakened against the dollar and euro, raising intervention concerns before the BOJ meeting. Euro's surge was fueled by positive eurozone data, while US dollar approached a potential intervention trigger.
Warren Takunda

ECB Stays Committed To Multiple Rate Cuts Despite Fed's Caution, Global Uncertainty

Officials highlighted that the ECB's decisions hinge on incoming data, especially regarding wages, profits, and productivity.

What Fed’s Rate-Cut Delay Means For US And The World

The US Federal Reserve and its vast global audience thought 2024 would be a rate-cut bonanza. But with price inflation proving much stickier than almost anyone predicted, those expectations are fading fast.

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