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Analyst -- -- Articles
I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.
Financial News
Trading Analysis

Getting the Global Economy Out of The Slow Lane

With global growth stabilizing for the first time in three years, inflation reaching a three-year low, and financial conditions brightening, the global economy...

French Election Worries Rekindle Market Memories of UK Budget Rout

Markets spooked by snap French vote. French/German yield gap posts biggest jump since 2010. Spending plans stoke comparison with UK's 2022 budget crisis…

How Labour's Election Pledges Stack Up for UK Markets

Britain's opposition Labour party, which is predicted to win a July 4 election...

What Next After New US Sanctions on Russia's Financial System?

Washington imposed new sanctions on Wednesday on the Moscow Exchange and its clearing agent...

What's Next for Markets After Far-Right Eu Election Surge Triggers Shock France Vote?

Gains for the far-right in European Parliament elections that prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to call a shock national vote puts the focus squarely back on political risks...

Europe's Far Right Seeks Policy Influence to Match Seat Gains

Europe's nationalist parties capitalised in the European Parliament election on voter disquiet over spiralling prices...

California Set to Crank Gas Power and Emissions to Keep Cool

Scorching temperature forecasts for the western U.S. over the coming days look set to kick-start the high season for natural gas...

ECB Can Start Worrying About Growth, Not Inflation

Cutting rates?

AUD to USD Forecast: China Trade and RBA Deputy Governor Hauser in Focus

On Friday, trade data from China will influence buyer demand for the Aussie dollar. An upward trend in imports and exports would align with recent PMI numbers from China, signaling an improving demand environment.

Will Saudi-Iranian Relations Be Affected by Raisi's Demise?

Realizing that hostility toward Saudi Arabia was detrimental, Tehran pursued a new approach based on reconciliation…

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