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Analyst -- -- Articless
I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.
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Black Sea Grain Deal Could Hinge on Ammonia Pipeline

A possible extension next month of a deal allowing the safe wartime export of grains and fertilizers from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports could hinge on the reopening of a pipeline that delivers Russian ammonia to one of those Ukrainian ports.

Rates Volatility Goldilocks Continues

Eurozone consumer inflation expectations will be the main data point to look out for today. Markets have become numb to central banks' hawkish comments.

Why is OPEC+ Cutting Oil Output?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies including Russia, a group known as OPEC+ which pumps around 40% of the world's crude, agreed on a new oil output deal on Sunday.

European Stocks Set for Flat Open as RBA Raises Rates Again

European markets got off to a negative start to the week as the effects of the Friday U.S. employment report rebound were tempered by a disappointing ISM services report which painted a contrastingly different picture of the U.S. economy.

Saudi Puts Refiners Over a Barrel with July Output Cut, Price Hike

Having been surprised by Saudi Arabia announcing a unilateral 1 million barrels per day cut in oil output for July, oil refiners got more bad news when Saudi Aramco informed Asian customers that prices for July-loading cargoes were going up.

Services PMIs the Next Focus after Last Week's Bumper U.S. Jobs Report

While U.S. markets finished the week on a high, after another bumper jobs report and a positive week across the board, markets in Europe, while finishing the week on a high, struggled to match the exuberance of investors on the other side of the Atlantic.

UK Property Market Lacks Spring Bounce but A Crash Is Unlikely

It's reasonable to expect a fall in nominal house prices of at least 10%. That's a chunky fall – and a welcome one.

Saudi Arabia's Solo Play Shows Mess of Oil Market Contradictions

Saudi Arabia's decision to deepen its crude oil production cuts, without matching contributions from its allies, underscores how the market is being skewed by a series of contradictory influences.

Brexit, Three Years Later

The British public has grown disappointed with Brexit's consequences. Given the disingenuous national debate leading up to it, the fiasco is not a big surprise.

Germany Energy Transition Faces Key Chemical Sector Conundrum

Europe's largest economy is also one of the region's most aggressive advocates for shifting energy systems away from fossil fuels, and leads the continent in emissions reduction targets and investments in renewable energy supplies.
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