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Hi there! Are you ready to get involved into the financial world?


I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.


7 years of stock market, foreign exchange, precious metal and other trading and analysis experience, based on fundamental, technical support, biased towards the top-down transaction logic, focusing on macro cycle and risk control, multi-purpose supply and demand theoretical prediction price Changes, balances the impact of transactions, chips distribution and market sentiment, and steady.


I worked as an analyst at a well-known forex brokerage firm and have been engaged in the financial industry for 10 years, involving forex, futures and stocks. I'm especially good at analyzing and interpreting the market using fundamental data.


I am good at analyzing and interpreting the political and economic situation in Southeast Asia to find investment opportunities.


Master degree from National University of Singapore, mainly engaged in the research of macro stock index and treasury bond futures, has a solid theoretical foundation of financial derivatives, and passed CFA Level 3.


With a Master of Finance degree, Michelle is good at fundamental analysis and pursues long-term stable profit.