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Jan Aldrin Laruscain

Analyst -- -- Articles
Jan Aldrin Laruscain is a market analyst of Forexway and enthusiast in trading currencies and indices. With his degree and passion for Finance, he have devised a specific way of trading which breaks down the market through orderflow analysis with deep consideration for fundamentals. He also write and create commentaries on the latest trends about all things finance!
Financial News
Trading Analysis

Fed to Slower Down its Pace? Here’s What Happened on FOMC

Summary:The minutes of the FED December meeting is officially out—and the FED are now likely to slow their pace on hikes for now after seeing modest growth on spending, production, and job gains. Further inching them closer to the targeted 2% inflation.


As the old popular saying would go, “Last year I failed—this year I learned; Next year, I am rising”, that is certainly the case for the FX market’s most traded currency pair. EURUSD went from the Euro absolutely pounding the dollar; to the dollar bringing the Euro to 1:1 price ratio all in 2 years.


Start Analyzing from the Monthly.

Weekly Outlook for the Two Major Currencies

GBPUSD to strike 1.16800s! GBPUSD ended the week in green following strong fundamental drivers supporting in favor of the Pound as UK consumer index increases—which contributed greatly to UK Retail Sales. However, these data releases weren’t enough to fuel the monthly resistance break as the US also

GBPUSD: is looking likely to go to 1.19000 this NFP

After over 4 years of back and forth over at GBPUSD, we have come yet again on another crucial deciding point. Will the market head to 1.14000 or would maintain its sails to keep ranging between 1.21000 to 1.41000? That is up to later’s NFP

Are range bound for XAUUSD?

Following a theoretical approach to gold, we are expecting price to push further up until it taps into the weekly key area along the stronghold of $1780. Until it reaches that level, taking longs are a very probable choice to take.

Weekly Outlook7.25

In the 4 hour timeframe, we could confirm that a possible bullish upswing is highly probable following a break and retest on the daily level and multiple break of structures.

Gold to $1683? Here's Why XAUUSD Will Continue to Melt Down!

On the weekly timeframe, Gold is seen breaking through multiple structures--ignoring much of support and resistance levels.

Short-Term Buy on Bitcoin?

The narrative behind BTC’s meltdown is the continuous institutional outflows on crypto--following the averse attitude of investors on risk assets.

XAUUSD is Heading to 1880. Here's Why.

We are expecting gold to push until the $1880 level so it could continue its downside object.

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