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Politics comes from the economy and is the concentrated expression of economics. All changes in politics affect the development of the economy and finance. If we don't know politics, how can we trade in financial markets?
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'Not In Dreamland': WTO Aims For Modest Outcomes At Abu Dhabi Meeting

Trade ministers from nearly every country in the world gatheron Monday aims to set new global commerce rules, but even its ambitious chief Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has sought to curb expectations.
Samantha Luan

Why Traders And Investors Should Care About The US Election?

Several key points that are relevant for investors and traders alike to get a better understanding of the effects of what promises to be a highly contentious electoral battle on global economic dynamics.

Which U.S. President Had The Biggest Impact On Stock Market Performance

TheStreet's J.D. Durkin breaks down which U.S. Presidents had the biggest impact on stock market performance.

Italian Far-Right Leader Salvini Fights to Escape Meloni's Shadow

Italy's League anxious to reverse decline at EU vote. Prime Minister Meloni fears coalition instability. Polls suggest League tactics not working.

Bolsonaro Coup Probe Weakens Brazil's Right-Wing Opposition

Bolsonaro investigated for coup attempt, aides arrested. Police raids hurt party's image ahead of local elections.Moderate bac...

How Sectors Perform Under Republicans vs. Democrats

Many investors wonder if they can tweak their existing exposures to be either more defensive against volatility or more opportunistic if certain sectors face future policy tailwinds.

The Middle East is a Tinderbox Ready to Explode

Ever since the attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel on Oct 7, 2023, and the subsequent Israeli retaliatory air and ground campaign, there have been...

US Election will test Economic, Political and Institutional Resilience

Investment case for the US depends on the strength of its institutions.

Sliding into War: The European Game of Thrones

We can only understand the Ukraine War from the lens of a bloody European Game of Thrones.

European Union Issues Warning to Hungary: Support for Ukraine Aid Required or Face Consequences

European leaders express worry over potential conflict with Russia amid concerns of a successful Kremlin intervention in Ukraine. The European Union issues a warning to Hungary, threatening consequences if it obstructs a $54 billion aid package for Ukraine.
Ukadike Micheal

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