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The economy is at the center of all activity today. Economic data and indicator changes, policy adjustments, and emerging models all affect traders' decisions.
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Green Bond Issuance Surges As Investors Hunt For Yield

Sustainable debt raises $273bn in first quarter, in contrast to downturn in ESG stock funds.

Pound Sterling Falls as Bank of England Readies for an August Interest Rate Cut

Pound Sterling fell after the Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged at 5.25% but issued guidance that suggested it was close to a 25 basis point rate cut.
Warren Takunda

Chinese Bond Market Is So Hot One Firm Is Mulling a 50-Year Sale

Deal in early stage of gauging interest, terms may change. Wuxi SOE is considering offering in the amount of 1b yuan.

Dollar Rises, Pound, Swiss Franc Drop on Busy Central Bank Day

The dollar rose amid central bank actions, while the pound and Swiss franc fell. Political uncertainty in Europe and mixed U.S. economic signals fueled market volatility, influencing currency movements.
Warren Takunda

India Wants To Be A Developed Nation By 2047. Here Are 4 Critical Areas Modi Can’t Ignore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an ambitious goal for India to be a developed economy by 2047, but analysts believe this is only possible if the country’s infrastructure development, manufacturing capabilities, and employment rates improve.

Euro on Firmer Footing Ahead Of Flash PMIs As French Risks Subside

Euro rebounds as French election fears ease.

Stocks Climb Before the Open as Investors Await U.S. Economic Data, BoE Decision in Focus

Futures for S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 rose post-Juneteenth; S&P 500 hit a record high, led by Nvidia and Micron gains, but Lennar fell.
Warren Takunda

Australian LNG Producers Face Supply Glut Problems, As US and Qatar Ramp Up Production

Demand from Asia’s emerging economies has not been as strong as expected, revealed the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

Swiss Franc Falls on Second SNB Interest Rate Cut, But Weakness Could be Short-lived

The Swiss Franc's recent stellar run reversed after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) cut interest rates for the second time this year and reaffirmed its credentials as the most 'dovish' of the G10's central banks.
Warren Takunda

European Stocks Gain After Swiss Interest Rate Cut: Markets Wrap

Dollar edges higher, 10-year Treasury yields advance. US markets to reopen Thursday after a public holiday.
Samantha Luan

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