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The economy is at the center of all activity today. Economic data and indicator changes, policy adjustments, and emerging models all affect traders' decisions.
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'Not In Dreamland': WTO Aims For Modest Outcomes At Abu Dhabi Meeting

Trade ministers from nearly every country in the world gatheron Monday aims to set new global commerce rules, but even its ambitious chief Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has sought to curb expectations.
Samantha Luan

Dollar Firms Ahead Of Busy Data Week With US Inflation In Focus

The dollar was on the front foot on Monday ahead of a packed week filled with key economic releases that will provide further clues on the global interest rate outlook.
Samantha Luan

China Expected To Take Gradual Approach To Prop Up Economy Further, Say Analysts

China's current policies are not strong enough.

Germany Sees Declining Economic Growth In Last Quarter Of 2023

Germany saw a fall in gross domestic product in the last quarter of 2023, following two back-to-back quarters of stagnation.
Samantha Luan

A Glimmer Of Hope: Signs Of Stabilization In China's Real Estate Market Amid Economic Challenges

Discover the cautious optimism surrounding China's real estate market as signs of stabilization emerge amidst government initiatives and global economic challenges.

Could The Federal Reserve Rule Out Rate Cuts In 2024?

Investors seemed convinced just months ago that the Fed would begin slashing interest rates during the first quarter of the year. Now, some are wondering if the central bank might not cut rates at all in 2024.
Samantha Luan

Why Do We Expect The RBA To Cut Rates In September?

We expect the first cut in Australia to occur after the late-September meeting. Here we explain our reasoning behind this timing.

IMF Sees Downside Risks For Japan In 2024

The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said Japan's weaker economic performance in 2023 could add to downside risks in 2024.
Samantha Luan

Russian Economic ‘Resilience’ is not What it Seems

Short-term growth can’t mask degradation.

France Will Cut Spending As It Sees a Weaker Economy Ahead

War, high interest rates and slowdowns in major trade partners are trimming tax revenue and forcing the government in Paris to scale back.

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