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I worked as an analyst at a well-known forex brokerage firm and have been engaged in the financial industry for 10 years, involving forex, futures and stocks. I'm especially good at analyzing and interpreting the market using fundamental data.
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ETH-USDT: ETH Bulls Target 1350

ETH has retested the short-term bottom several times. It is rebounding in both the 4-hour and daily time frames, with the short-term resistance in the range of 1300-1350.

Tourism Sector must 'Decouple' Growth Rate from Energy Consumption for Greener Future

Between 2010 and 2019, the sector's GDP grew 4.3% annually while its climate footprint rose by 2.4%, WTTC says.

Korean-Made Unmanned Ground Vehicle Showcased at US Base

Korea's Hanwha Aerospace staged a capability demonstration of a homegrown multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle at a key U.S. military base south of Seoul on Tuesday.
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ETH-USDT: Important Data Approaching, Market Reversal Coming

ETH was supported at 1150 when dropping to 1150 yesterday. It's forming a rally trend in the 4-hour time frame. The first pressure level above is 1230 and the strong resistance is at 1300.

China's Covid Unrest Sends Stocks Lower, Boosting USD Strength

Risk-off sentiment prevailed in broad markets due to China's Covid unrest on Monday. An unprecedented protest against the recent Covid controls in China has sent equities lower, with all three benchmark US indices down more than 1%, while the US dollar regained supreme, pressuring the other major G-10 currencies and commodity prices.

ETH-USDT: Weak Oscillation Trend, Pending Non-Farm Payrolls Data

The current ETH 4-hour and daily trend are overall bearish, and in the short term, we still look at the support near 1070. If it breaks down, we will continue to go short, and if it doesn't break down, we will continue to maintain the oscillation mindset.

Should Argentina Offer Bitcoin Bonds to Follow El Salvador?

JAN3 CEO Samson Mow argues that Argentina should offer Bitcoin bonds and transition to using Bitcoin as a legal currency.

Asia Week Ahead: PMI Reports to Show Impact of China Restrictions

Regional PMI readings and inflation reports will be the highlight for the coming week。

ETH-USDT: Short-term Rally Starts after Testing the Lower Key Position Several Times

Hot News 1. New York governor has signed a two-year crypto mining moratorium bill. 2. El Salvador's government has submitted a Digital Asset Issuance Law, which will establish a framework for cryptocurrency issuance. 3. Genesis Global has $2.8 billion in outstanding loans on its balance sheet, with

Wall Street Rallies as Rates Slip, RBNZ Set for a Jumbo Rate Hike

US stocks rose amid a broad-based rally as deteriorated economic outlook and Fed's possible slowdown in rate hikes continued to fuel the rebounding optimism ahead of the Black Friday shopping spree and Thanksgiving holiday.
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