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I worked as an analyst at a well-known forex brokerage firm and have been engaged in the financial industry for 10 years, involving forex, futures and stocks. I'm especially good at analyzing and interpreting the market using fundamental data.
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South Africa's Coal Exports to Europe Surge Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Price of thermal coal increasing to unprecedented levels, says Thungela Resources.

Setting the Post-Summer Tone

While today may prove a quiet session, the summer holiday is drawing to a close. Recent data and central bank comments have set the tone for the coming weeks – there is still much to do to rein in inflation.

Aid for Ukraine's $54M Crypto Fund Buys Vests, Scopes and UAVs

The crypto donations have played a "significant role in Ukraine's defense," a Ukrainian government official wrote.

BTC-USDT: Falling after Rising Higher in the Daily Chart, with a Downward Oscillating Trend

The BTC dropped after rising to the 24,500 level yesterday. It is now correcting in the small time frames with weak momentum. The BTC 1-hour candlestick chart shows a typical downward oscillating trend. The BTC maintains consolidating in the Bollinger lower band and is more likely to decline than ra

Will KRX Gold Leverage Index Boost Gold Market?

Gold will once again regain investors' attention in the latter half of this year, as demand for safe and alternative assets other than stocks, will stay solid amid lingering inflationary woes and monetary uncertainties here and abroad, analysts say.

'Repowering' the European Union

The EU has set out on an ambitious path to cut energy dependence on Russia, but the plan has its own worrying pitfalls.

South Korean Pilot Allows Police to Seize Crypto for Non-Payment of Fines

As per a report by South Korean paper Joongboo Ilbo, the National Police Agency of the country is experimenting with virtual asset seizure for non-payment of fines.

The Tech-Led Selloff Resumes on Wall Street, Asian Markets are Set for a Mixed Start

The rally on Wall Street took a breather as investors re-assessed Fed policy and the retail sales data overnight. The Fed meeting minutes did not provide clear guidance for the future rate hike path, though it expressed not to stop raising interest until inflation is back to the target level of 2%.

Japan has Mended Relations With Much of Asia – Except Its Neighbourhood

A window of opportunity has presented itself for Tokyo to address historical grievances still felt in China and South Korea.

ETH-USDT: Bearish Signal Has Appeared as the Rally Has Been Blocked

In the ETH daily candlestick chart, the combination of multiple candlesticks with long upper shadows released bearish signals at the 2050 level. The ETH has rebounded to the 1950 level in the small time frame, followed by a bearish engulfing pattern. Bearish signal has appeared.
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