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ING is a global bank with a strong European base.

WTO Conference Faces Challenges as big Players Turn Inward

Measures facilitating trade are still outweighing those that restrict it globally, but the gap is narrowing for large economies (G20) and recent signs of looming protectionism on the side of the US and Europe are not encouraging for trade. However, given the general benefits, and the energy transition, it’s important for them not to overshoot.

Ifo Index Not Strong Enough To Bring Back Optimism

Germany's Ifo index gives very little hope of an imminent rebound.

The Commodities Feed: US Crude Oil Inventories Exceed Expectations

US crude oil inventories increased more than expected last week, marking the second straight week of larger builds.

Wage Test For The Euro

The ingredients for more rangebound trading are all there, especially given an uninspiring US data calendar and no impact of Chinese news. However, the ECB’s negotiated wage growth indicator is a key test for the euro. We think a decline in salary pressure can help a further unwinding of EUR longs.

UK Retail Sales Surge After Shock December Plunge

The UK retail sector fully regained December's lost sales activity in January, and we think this says more about shifting seasonal trends than the broader macro environment. The bounce back adds another reason to think GDP will rebound in the first quarter.

Assessing Fed Policy And Geopolitical Risks

Gold has been trading in a narrow range so far this year amid a lack of clarity surrounding the timing of the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy easing cycle.

Treasuries Need Better Than The Consensus CPI Outcome

Markets are awaiting Tuesday’s US CPI release which should give confirmation that the disinflation trend continues. But that's not enough, as a consensus month-on-month outcome would...

China: Jan CPI Inflation Fell To The Lowest Level Since 2009, Likely To Mark The Bottom

China's January CPI inflation was weaker than forecast at -0.8% YoY, which marks the lowest level since September 2009. We expect this to mark the bottom of the current cycle.

Philippines: Inflation Slides Again in January

Philippine headline inflation slipped to 2.8% in January, settling well-within the BSP's inflation target.

US Employment Continues on A Benign Trend?

The focus in FX markets today is on whether US employment continues on its benign downward path and represents the economy coming into 'better balance'.

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