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Eva Chen

Analyst -- -- Articles
Master of Economics, 8 years in the financial industry, CFA holder, joined HSBC (Hong Kong) Bank in 2013 after graduating from the University of California, USA in the Investment Research and Markets Department. With years of financial market experience and trading experience, having provided excellent investment advice to many brokerages, entity derivatives importers and clients in Greater China.
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WTI: Bulls Are Gathering and Buying Dips Recommended

While a sharp increase in U.S. crude inventories for the second week in a row is giving the bulls pause, data showed that China's crude oil demand jumped nearly 1 million barrels per day in November, rising to a new high since February. The International Energy Agency (IEA) Administrator Fatih Birol said Thursday that the energy market may be tighter in 2023; in addition, investors believe that the Fed will slow the pace of interest rate hikes and other news to boost the economy and promote energy demand, helping to extend the rise in crude oil prices.

AUDUSD: Bullish Momentum Remains Absolutely in Control Despite Bull Stagnation

Following a strong upside halt on Wednesday, AUDUSD stalled after a quick retreat when bulls failed to sustain a stand above the 0.7000 psychological mark and were stopped at the 200-week SMA.
PROFIT +11489 Points

DJIA: Strong Sell-off May Stop While Bottom Support Not Solid

All major U.S. stock indexes are showing a clear downward trend after ending Wednesday's all-around decline. Early indications from major stock index futures suggest Wall Street may open lower. As of 7:15 a.m. ET, DJIA futures were down 241.00 points, S&P 500 futures were down 29.50 points, and NASDAQ 100 futures were down 92.75 points.
PROFIT +1690 Points

WTI: Trend Rally Not Yet Over, Oil Price Correction May Limited

WTI crude oil surged higher yesterday and fell below $80 per barrel again, cooling the market's bullish sentiment for several days. The pickup in API inventory data this week also partially reinforced the weakness in oil prices. Our view remains unchanged that the trend rally is not over and oil price correction may be limited.
LOSS -32089 Points

DJIA: It Is Recommended to Go Long at the Lows as U.S. Stocks Diverged

U.S. stocks were relatively flat in Tuesday's trading. Investors are seemingly reluctant to take major action after the long holiday weekend, which leads to divergent moves. Although the Dow narrowed its losses before the close, showing clear signs of a downward trend, the index could move higher again before falling further.

GBPUSD: Bears Should Leave Once It Breaks Psychological Threshold of 1.2300

UK data show further signs of a labor market reversal, with employment falling but wages rising faster. While wage growth remains largely positive, the real wage growth rate remains negative when adjusted for real prices.
PROFIT +22391 Points

DJIA: Focus on Investment Bank Financial Reports, as Weak Data Performance Will Bring More Bearish Sentiment to The Market

The earnings report could be the highlight of the week. Wall Street generally believed that Morgan Stanley's Q4 GAAP earnings per share were US$1.29 with a revenue of US$12.6 billion. The market will pay close attention to the revenue data as Morgan Stanley's sales failed to meet market expectations in three of the past four quarters.
PROFIT +532 Points

XAUUSD: Bear Orders for Uncompleted Tests Have Led to Premiums on the Spot, while Gold Prices Are Expected to Return to the Average

Gold fell slightly on Tuesday for the second day in a row, remaining sluggish as it entered the European session and further away from the previous day's high of US$1,928 since April. Gold is expected to return soon as there are bear orders for unfinished tests at US$1,842. Nevertheless, gold prices have started the year strongly; With the support of China's reopening, both investment and physical demand supported the gold price in 2023.
PROFIT +1156 Points

USDJPY:Blind Bet on Bottom Fishing Not Recommended, Be ware of Another BOJ Surprise Attack

USDJPY continued to break down from its consolidation range and fell to its lowest level since the end of May in the early European session. The pair is currently trading above the 128.00 handle and seems vulnerable to extending its downtrend. Meanwhile, sharply slower U.S. inflation data may continue to push the USD lower, thus favoring the JPY.
PROFIT +679 Points

USDCAD: U.S. December CPI Rapid Retreat Limits USD Gains and Favors CAD

U.S. CPI declined 0.1% month-on-month in December, below expectations of 0.0%. The core CPI (excluding food and energy) rose 0.3% month-on-month, in line with expectations. Over the past 12 months, U.S. CPI slowed from 7.1% to 6.5%, in line with expectations. This is also the lowest level since October 2021. Core CPI slowed to 5.7% from 6.0%, in line with expectations.
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