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Eva Chen

Analyst -- -- Articles
Master of Economics, 8 years in the financial industry, CFA holder, joined HSBC (Hong Kong) Bank in 2013 after graduating from the University of California, USA in the Investment Research and Markets Department. With years of financial market experience and trading experience, having provided excellent investment advice to many brokerages, entity derivatives importers and clients in Greater China.
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XAUUSD: Prices Could Enter Medium-Term Recovery Phase After Sharp Sell-Off

Spot gold extended last week's plunge on Monday, officially erasing all of its gains since 2022. Gold has been under tremendous pressure this month, boosted by the Fed's tightening policy, robust performance of the USD, and rising U.S. Treasury Securities. For now, prices appear to officially enter

USDCAD: The Room to the Upside Is Too Crowded, so a Significant Pullback Is Still Needed for Further Gains

With improving market sentiment, the US dollar (USD) fell after the opening of the New York session. A rally in US stocks and crude oil helped USDCAD break out of its downward range.
CLOSED +369 Points

WTI: Buying Slightly Weak After Sharp Price Rise, with Prices Facing Potential Pullback

In the past few weeks, the price of WTI crude oil continued to fluctuate widely in the ascending trend channel, which indirectly indicates that there is some uncertainty in the crude oil market. Investors have a lot of information to pay attention to at this time, especially since many factors rela

WTI: The Path of Least Resistance for Oil Prices Remains to the Upside Despite the Sharp Increase in EIA Inventories

On Wednesday, US EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased by 8.487 million barrels for the week of May 4, while the market expected a decrease of 0.457 million barrels; this was also much higher than the previous increase of 1.3 million barrels in inventories, reflecting a slowdown in demand

DXY: Standing Firm at 104 Barrier Will Open the Door to 20-Year Highs

The U.S. April CPI rose to 8.3% YoY, down 0.2 percentage points from March. While overall U.S. inflation is declining, it is not dropping as much as most people expected. Investors need to balance these two factors when trading the U.S. dollar.

EURUSD: Remains Neutral Bearish in the Short Term

EURUSD is suppressed because of the economic growth concerns and Fed policy. The EUR remains near five-year lows against the USD even as market expectations have shifted in favor of a sharp rise in ECB interest rates this year, possibly reflecting a fragmentation of concerns about the Eurozone econo
CLOSED +373 Points

XAUUSD: Here Comes the Downtrend After Fluctuating to the Top

The U.S. Consumer Price Index climbed at an accelerated pace to 8.3% in April, above market expectations of 8.1%, and again near the highest level in more than 40 years. The core CPI, which excludes food and energy prices, was also higher than expected with a 6.2% rise.
CLOSED +2876 Points

WTI: Bears End While Bulls Return

We could get more clues about crude oil from the upcoming EIA inventory report from the U.S. Department of Energy. After increasing by 1.3 million barrels in the week of April 29, the market is currently expecting a plunge of 457,000 barrels on May 4. Earlier on Wednesday, the American Petroleum Ins

WTI: Death Cross Going Downside in the 4-Hour Timeframe, Recommend to Go Short on High

The US Nonfarm Payrolls data came in above market expectations last week, boosting hawkish expectations from the Federal Reserve and causing the major US indices to weaken. The Chinese government warned that the employment situation in China is becoming "complicated and severe" as the government's z
CLOSED -455 Points

USDCAD: Despite Repeated Upside Pressure, the Trend Remains Cautiously Bullish in the Short Term

The Canadian labor market increased by 15 thousand jobs in April, with full-time jobs decreasing by 31 thousand and part-time jobs increasing by 47 thousand. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell 0.1 percentage point to 5.2%, while there was little change in the labor force participation rate, which
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