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Eva Chen

Analyst -- -- Articles
Master of Economics, 8 years in the financial industry, CFA holder, joined HSBC (Hong Kong) Bank in 2013 after graduating from the University of California, USA in the Investment Research and Markets Department. With years of financial market experience and trading experience, having provided excellent investment advice to many brokerages, entity derivatives importers and clients in Greater China.
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USDCAD: Bullish Potential for the Pair Remains Unchanged Due to Risk Aversion

The USDCAD is trading above last week's bullish breakout momentum and continues to gain positive traction on Monday. This momentum pushed the spot price to its highest level since June 2020, sitting near 1.3640 in the early European session and supported by a number of factors.

GBPUSD: GBP Stabilized and Recovered, but Still Too Early to Confirm the Bottom

Market speculation that the Bank of England will have to step in to stabilize its currency helped the GBPUSD recover all of its losses in the Asian session and rally back above the 1.0800 handle by the New York session.

WTI: Will There Be An "Oversold Bounce" After A Big Drop?

Oil prices recorded their longest one-week decline of the year last week, falling more than 5% overall for the fourth straight week, and closed below $79 per barrel on Friday for the first time since January, as global central banks let loose to step up their fight against inflation at the expense
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WTI: Oil Prices Fall for Fourth Straight Week on Gloomy Economic Outlook

The Fed sent its clearest signal yet that it is willing to tolerate a recession in exchange for keeping inflation under control. Oil prices fell for the fourth week in a row after major economies successively started a cycle of interest rate hikes that dimmed the outlook for energy demand.

USDJPY: BOJ Intervened in the FX Market for the First Time in 24 Years. How Effective It Is?

At a policy meeting that ended earlier today, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) maintained its yield curve control (YCC) policy and dovish forward-looking guidance unchanged. Subsequently, the Ministry of Finance instructed the BOJ to intervene to support the JPY. The USDJPY fell five-digit to 140.8 and then
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GBPUSD: Oversold Rebound Will Come After the Sharp Drop

The Bank of England (BOE) decided to raise interest rates by 50 basis points to 2.25% by a 5: 4 voting result, which is in line with market expectations. The BOE has raised interest rates seven times in a row since December last year. Nonetheless, the BOE's decision has still had a limited boost on
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XAUUSD: Diametrically Opposed Fundamentals and Technical Analysis

Major central bank events intensified risk aversion sentiments, reversing gold's rebound from a two-year low. The recent weakness in gold prices was linked to the Fed's pain in containing inflation soaring, with multiple central banks following the Fed's hawkish line giving bears hope. However, is
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WTI: Geopolitics Tensions Have Not Escaped the Impact of Falling Demand

Putin's local military mobilization on Wednesday triggered concerns about tight oil and gas supply in the market, with oil prices rising by more than 2%. Nevertheless, oil prices wiped out the gains before the Fed meeting. Markets are now predicting that during the Fed's September meeting, they wil
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USDCAD: Showdown! Will the Reversal Happen Again?

Canada's monthly CPI fell 0.3% in August, the first drop since this year and the biggest drop since May 2020. The annual growth rate decreased from 7.6% to 7.0%. The USDCAD continued to rise (Wednesday) before the New York session and hit a fresh daily high of 13,398 as Canadian consumer inflation d
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XAUUSD: Will Gold Price Recover as the Expectation of 75-basis-point Interest Rate Hike Has Been Fully Absorbed?

Under the risk of further escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, gold has attracted some safe-haven funds. Faced with the FOMC75's 75-basis-point interest rate hike expectation, the direction of gold still depends on the Federal Reserve's forecast of the final interest rate. If the
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