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Bitcoin, which came out in 2009, knocked on the door of cryptocurrency. Now that more than a decade has passed, cryptocurrency trading has become a way of investing that cannot be ignored.
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How FTX, the 'Bitcoin Killer', Killed Itself

The prevailing bet was that sooner or later, a new killer app would emerge. It would be the next Facebook, or even Google.
Kevin Du

Bitcoin: Store of Value or Fool's Gold?

The verdict is in.
Kevin Du

How Bitcoin is Affecting Businesses and the Economy in Nigeria

As of right now, Bitcoin is developing ever-increasing popularity all over the world.
Kevin Du
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ETH-USDT: Liquidity Returns and Retracement Increases

 Depending on the 5-day moving average support, you can try to go long near 1560.
King Ten

Bitcoin is Back with A Bonk

Bitcoin is on the charge in 2023, dragging the crypto market off the floor and electrifying bonk, a new meme coin.
Kevin Du

Why Is Bitcoin Rising Despite Negative Market Sentiments?

Experts have highlighted several reasons for the surge of Bitcoin in the last few days, read for more details.
Kevin Du

Bitcoin Digs in For a Bumpy New Year

Bitcoin's looking steady in 2023. But it's only been a week.
Kevin Du

What's Next for Crypto: North Texas Market Leaders Weigh In

Some North Texas companies are embracing the brave new world of these alternative assets, even in the midst of an industry-shifting crash.
Kevin Du
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ETH-USDT: The Risk Has not yet Passed, and Liquidity Is Still Hard to Return

The market will still face the dual games of buying and panic selling. It is recommended to go short around 1350.

Crypto Firms Off to Rocky Start in 2023 With Outflows, Layoffs and A Lawsuit

The crypto industry's woes continued on Thursday as plunging deposits, layoffs and a lawsuit added to the tumult of 2022, which was dominated by sinking prices and high-profile bankruptcies.
Kevin Du
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