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How do you see the cryptocurrency market? It is a nascent market full of opportunities. Everything is possible here, and everything seems to be new and somewhat familiar.
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Bitcoin ETFs Plummet: Crypto Funds in Crisis Since March

Bitcoin ETFs, once bastions of stability for cryptocurrency investors, have suddenly plummeted, bringing down the hopes of many speculators with them.
Samantha Luan

Buy the Dip? Bitcoin Price Drops to New 1-Month Lows of $64K

Bitcoin returns to $64,000 for the first time since mid-May as a BTC price rebound gets canceled out in hours.
Warren Takunda

41% of Top ZK Airdrop Wallets Have Already Sold Everything

The data covered the "top 10,000 addresses" that received zkSync's new ZK token, though that only makes up 1.4% of the total wallets eligible for the ZK airdrop.
Kevin Du

$66K BTC Price Now ‘Critical’—5 Things to Know in Bitcoin This Week

Bitcoin wobbles after failing to break $70k. Jobless data and Fed chatter this week could nudge the price. Miners adjust to post-halving reality. Despite the dip, wallet numbers surge to new highs, hinting at long-term investor confidence.
Warren Takunda

Will Bitcoin Mining Help BTC Cross $86K? Breaking Down The Odds

Bitcoin’s price declined by more than 4% in the last 24 hours. Most market indicators and metrics hinted at a further price drop.

How Low Can the Bitcoin Price Go?

Bitcoin price could drop to $63,000 in the coming weeks, according to multiple technical signals.
Warren Takunda

Fed Holds Rates Steady: Bitcoin Market Reacts With A…

Did the Fed’s decision to hold rates trigger Bitcoin’s dip?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Eyes $70,000 As US Feds Leaves Rate Unchanged

Bitcoin price has maintained its ongoing surge in a bid to retest $70,000 as the United States Federal Reserve left rate unchanged.
Samantha Luan

US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Meets Bitcoin Miners, What’s Cooking?

Donald Trump pledged to support Bitcoin miners and the mining industry if he returns to the White House. The former president Biden administration is helping rival countries by opposing Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Braces for CPI, FOMC as Exchanges Shed $1.2B of BTC in a Day

BTC price action may not inspire hodlers into a new U.S. macro data deluge, but behind the scenes, appetite for Bitcoin is alive and well.
Warren Takunda

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