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In global financial markets, the stock market serves as an economic barometer and has always been the focus of investors' attention. Its rise and fall have a profound impact on the economy of various countries.
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Financial News
Trading Analysis

Asia Stocks Swing As Traders Seek China Stimulus

Asian stocks swung between gains and losses as investors monitored the latest economic development in China.

Equity Funds Experience Withdrawals Globally Amid Growing Inflation Worries

Investors trimmed global equity fund holdings in the week ending Feb. 21 due to stronger-than-expected inflation data, diminishing expectations for an imminent Federal Reserve rate cut.
Ukadike Micheal

S&P Retraces From 5,100 Level After An Aggressive Spike

On Friday, the stock market weakened as the world's largest technology companies retreated following a robust rally fueled by optimism surrounding artificial intelligence.
Zi Cheng

Strategist Warns of Looming Recession: Stocks Could Plummet 26% Amid Dwindling Savings Rates

BCA strategist Roukaya Ibrahim predicts a US recession before early 2025.

Up Go Stocks, Down Go Bonds

The cheery mood in the global stock markets was completely decoupled with the gloomy mood in the sovereign space.

S&P 500 Achieves Record Peak Driven by Enthusiasm Surrounding Nvidia

On Thursday, the S&P 500 reached an all-time high, propelled by a surge in tech stocks, notably influenced by Nvidia's impressive earnings reported the previous day.
Ukadike Micheal

Asian Stocks Rise As Tech Gains Offset Rate Fears; China Rebound Holds

Most Asian stocks rose on Friday and were set for a positive week.

Hang Seng Index, ASX 200, Nikkei 225: China, Earnings, and NVIDIA

The Nikkei 225 reached a new all-time high on Thursday, with the ASX 200 and Hang Seng Index also closing the session in positive territory.NVIDIA corporate earnings drew interest, with private sector PMIs from Australia and Japan influencing investor bets on BoJ and RBA policy moves.Overnight US economic data and Fed chatter from Thursday will set the tone for the Friday session.
Samantha Luan

European Stocks Achieve Record High, Following Wall Street's Lead

ASML and Novo Nordisk have emerged as leading gainers this year, with Novo Nordisk reaching a record high fueled by excitement around weight-loss drugs.
Ukadike Micheal

Nikkei Hits All-Time High: Japanese Stocks Soar Past 30-Year Record

The Nikkei stock index reached record highs, closing at 39,098.68, surpassing its previous peak set over 30 years ago. Robust corporate profits and economic optimism fueled this surge, with the broader market also experiencing gains.
Warren Takunda

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