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The essence of each industrial revolution is to improve energy efficiency. Oil, gas and new energy are controlling the future of the industry, as well as the future of the economy.
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Corn, Millet And ... Rooftop Solar? Farm Family's Newest Crop Shows China's Solar Ascendancy

Shi Mei and her husband earn a decent enough living by growing corn and millet on their small farm. In 2021, they diversified by investing in solar energy — signing a contract to mount some 40 panels on their roof to feed energy to the grid...
Samantha Luan

The Commodities Feed: Metals Surge Higher

It's all fun and games in metals markets as prices for several metals surge higher. In contrast, the oil market remains rangebound, awaiting news on OPEC+ output policy for the second half of 2024.

Crypto Boom, Erratic Rain Spark Outages in Laos, Asia's Clean Power Export Hub

Higher electricity demand in Laos due to cryptocurrency mining and erratic rainfall have led to power shortages...
Owen Li

China's Commodity Imports Show Prices Beat Economic Narrative

China's imports of major commodities for April show the impact of price trends, with strength where prices were trending down and weakness where prices were moving higher.
Owen Li

Iraqi Oil Supply Cut Uncertainty

Oil prices have continued to come under pressure after comments from Iraq raised doubts over a rollover of OPEC+ supply cuts. Meanwhile, LME warehouses saw…

Renewable Fuels Take Bite out of US Diesel Consumption

Biodiesel and other renewable diesel fuel oils are displacing a small but growing volume of petroleum-derived distillate fuel oil in the United States...
Owen Li

Equatorial Guinea's Oil and Gas Industry Continues to Shrink

Oil and gas production was a boon for one of Africa's smallest nations, but it is now caught between dwindling hydrocarbon reserves and the pressures of the energy transition.

India Fires Up Coal Use and Emissions During Election, Heat Wave

India's coal-fired electricity generation and power sector emissions hit record highs during the first quarter as above-average temperatures...

China's Push for Greener Aluminium Hit by Erratic Rains, Power Cuts

Erratic rainfall in China's southwest is frustrating a multibillion-dollar push to green an aluminium industry that accounts for almost 60% of global output.
Samantha Luan

The Commodities Feed: US Crude Inventories Edge Lower

Oil prices recovered in the latter part of yesterday's trading session due to US inventory declines…

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