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The essence of each industrial revolution is to improve energy efficiency. Oil, gas and new energy are controlling the future of the industry, as well as the future of the economy.
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Financial News
Trading Analysis

Top Global Energy Traders Face Multi-billion Cash Quandary

Top 4 traders have $60 bln in equity after record profits.

Rise in European Gas Prices Expected to Drive Increased Demand in Asia

Benchmark prices are currently at levels reminiscent of May 2021. Rising global prices are fueling increased demand for LNG in Asia.
Ukadike Micheal

Projected Increase of Over 50% in Global LNG Demand

Shell's annual LNG outlook anticipates a 50% rise in global liquefied natural gas demand over the next 15 years, primarily driven by the transition from industrial coal to gas in Asia. This underscores the growing significance of natural gas in the global energy market.
Ukadike Micheal

Modest Rise in Oil Prices Amid Heightened Risk in the Middle East

Ongoing conflict in the Middle East continues to support elevated oil prices, with anticipation surrounding the upcoming U.S. inflation data set for Tuesday. Additionally, a poll suggests a probable increase in U.S. crude stocks last week, while a decline in oil products is expected.
Ukadike Micheal

Why Have Natural Gas Prices Stayed Low?

The past few weeks do show an overall likelihood of a continual, slow fall in natural gas prices.

India Will Be World's Biggest Oil Demand Growth Driver Through 2030?

India is expected to be the largest driver of global oil demand growth between 2023 and 2030, narrowly taking the lead from top importer China, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Wednesday.
Samantha Luan

Persistent Weakness Persists in the Natural Gas Landscape

Investors should tread carefully in this unpredictable market. The potential for a sudden change in direction means caution and attentiveness are crucial. Navigating this challenging environment demands a watchful eye.
Chandan Gupta

Energy Stocks Drive Upward Momentum in European Markets

In early Tuesday trading, European markets rose as energy stocks gained momentum, propelled by BP's second-highest profits since 2012. The positive financial report from the oil major contributed to the overall market upswing.
Ukadike Micheal

US Clean Electricity Momentum Stalls Slightly in 2023

Clean electricity generation in the United States hit new highs in 2023 but expanded by its smallest margin in more than a decade, due to below-normal…
Kevin Du

Natural Gas Appears Trapped in Prolonged Price Range

Taking swift profits is recommended due to the market's unpredictable nature.
Chandan Gupta

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