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Commodities are mostly industrial bases, and the fluctuations in futures and spot prices of their supply and demand conditions will directly affect the entire economic system.
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Oil Markets: An Early Peek into 2023

Despite Western sanctions and volatile prices, Russian oil exports proved resilient last year. The global oil market may face different challenges in 2023.
Kevin Du

Wall St Week Ahead-Recession Fears Pose Challenge to Energy Shares After Stellar Year

A potential U.S. recession and tough comparisons to a stellar 2022 are weighing on the prospects of energy stocks delivering an encore to last year's stunning run, despite valuations that are seen as still comparatively cheap.

The World is Full of Uncertainty, Should You Buy Gold in 2023?

Few people think that in 2022 there will be such big shocks after 2 years of the pandemic that has caused many countries to close their borders, impose a series of blockade orders and disrupt global supply chains.
Samantha Luan

The Commodities Feed: OPEC+ Noise Begins

Noise ahead of next week’s OPEC+ meeting has begun and given the level of…
Devin Wang

WTI: Bulls Are Gathering and Buying Dips Recommended

While a sharp increase in U.S. crude inventories for the second week in a row is giving the bulls pause, data showed that China's crude oil demand jumped nearly 1 million barrels per day in November, rising to a new high since February. The International Energy Agency (IEA) Administrator Fatih Birol said Thursday that the energy market may be tighter in 2023; in addition, investors believe that the Fed will slow the pace of interest rate hikes and other news to boost the economy and promote energy demand, helping to extend the rise in crude oil prices.
Eva Chen

Exchanges Diversify as Base Metals Trade Shrinks in 2022

The London Metal Exchange's (LME) nickel meltdown in March has cast a long shadow over trading activity on what claims to be the world centre for industrial metals pricing.
Devin Wang
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WTI: Trend Rally Not Yet Over, Oil Price Correction May Limited

WTI crude oil surged higher yesterday and fell below $80 per barrel again, cooling the market's bullish sentiment for several days. The pickup in API inventory data this week also partially reinforced the weakness in oil prices. Our view remains unchanged that the trend rally is not over and oil price correction may be limited.
Eva Chen

COPPER: Supply-demand Weakness Is Emerging with the Market Retreating After Surging

In the short and medium term, optimistic macro expectations support nonferrous prices, but the pace of accumulation accelerated or limit the further upward height.
King Ten

The Commodities Feed: Tighter Oil Market Ahead

IEA numbers released yesterday suggest a tighter oil market over the latter part of the year, while oil demand is expected to hit record levels this year.
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XAUUSD: Recession May Be Hard to Produce and Gold Rally Is at Risk

The global economy may have come out of a severe recession lasting for a long time in the early days, which is not good news for gold
King Ten
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