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Gold, silver, copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals are the main raw materials for industrial production while the prices of crops such as corn and wheat affect the basic living standards of human beings.
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Australian LNG Producers Face Supply Glut Problems, As US and Qatar Ramp Up Production

Demand from Asia’s emerging economies has not been as strong as expected, revealed the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

July Fourth Travel Seen Hitting Record in Boost for Oil Bulls

A record of almost 71 million Americans are expected to travel over the Independence Day holiday period early next month, providing hope for oil bulls counting on rising demand during the crucial summer driving season.

Decision Day Will Bring Three Important Policy Announcements on Top of China's

Appetite in Europe was weak yesterday in the absence of American markets...

Africa’s Oil Demand To Hit 4.9mbpd Next Year As Nigeria Battles More Risks

Sector requires $14 trillion investment by 2045. ‘Rise of commercial midstream players renders OPEC playbook obsolete’.

Oil Prices Stable as Demand Uncertainty Persists

Oil prices are flat as traders balance hopes of summer demand rise with concerns about high supply. US oil inventory data and Fed comments are key events to watch.
Warren Takunda

Peak Oil Demand Is Still A Decade Away

The world’s demand for oil is expected by Goldman Sachs Research to grow for the next decade.
Goldman Sachs

Joe Biden Ready to Reopen US Oil Stockpile If Petrol Prices Surge Again

President’s top energy adviser Amos Hochstein says fuel costs ‘still too high for many Americans’.
Samantha Luan

SW Wheat Crop, Market Positive At Harvest

A recent harvest market rally, plus the likelihood of a good wheat crop in Oklahoma and Texas, offer encouragement to Southwest producers.

Rich Countries Plan To Buy More Gold Despite Record Price

Advanced economies’ central banks expect the metal’s share of global reserves to rise at the expense of the dollar.

Refining Margins Squeezed as Tepid Demand Casts Shadow Over U.S. Gasoline Market

U.S. gasoline demand has been tepid in the early part of the driving season, resulting in rising stocks and lower refining margins.

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