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Banking Crisis in Europe and America

With US Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsing, a serious liquidity crisis has also erupted at the century-old investment bank Credit Suisse, and under the aggressive process of interest rate hikes by central banks around the world, the banking crisis continues to fester.
-- -- Articless
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Private Equity Steps up Lending as U.S. Banks Pull Back

The turmoil facing U.S. regional banks has prompted some lenders to step back, leaving space for investors such as asset managers, private equity (PE) funds and insurers to lend more.

Investment Banking Faultlines Trigger European Job Shake-Up

A dearth of deals, banking sector ructions and most recently the aftershocks of the demise of Credit Suisse have rapidly redrawn the European financial services industry jobs map this year.

Small Victory for SVB Financial as Judge Orders FDIC to Return Tax Refund Checks

In a court ruling in New York, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) has been ordered to return tax refund checks it took out of the hands of SVB Financial Group, a bankrupt company seeking to compensate bondholders.
Kevin Du

What is the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund Used to Backstop Failed Banks?

Created after the Great Depression, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) is the independent federal agency charged with insuring depositors in the case of bank failures by reimbursing certain customer accounts.

How American and European Banks Are Dealing with the Fallout from the Us Banking Turmoil

The US's bank troubles have been concentrated among smaller-sized banks, while the larger institutions have weathered the storm relatively well so far. The impact on banks in the European Union has remained moderate. European banks carry substantial liquidity buffers that they can tap into in times of stress.

Markets Brace for One-two U.S. Credit Conditions Punch

The gulf between financial markets' and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's view of the U.S. economy could not be wider, but two national credit conditions and lending surveys within 24 hours of each other could narrow the chasm.

Fed up With Shrinking Savings, Europeans Drain Billions from Banks

European savers are pulling more of their money from banks, looking for a better deal as lenders resist paying up to hold on to deposits some feel they can currently live without.

Fed Set to Raise Rates Amidst Ongoing Banking Sector Concerns

European markets got off to a disappointing start to the week yesterday, after a collapse in energy prices knocked the stuffing out of the FTSE100, pushing it to its lowest level since April 11th.

Crisis over? Don't Bank on It

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Jamie McGeever.
Samantha Luan

First Republic Bank Seized, Sold to JPMorgan Chase in 2nd-Biggest Failure in U.S. History

Regulators seized troubled First Republic Bank early Monday, making it the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history, and promptly sold all of its deposits and most of its assets to JPMorgan Chase Bank in a bid to head off further banking turmoil in the U.S.
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