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Olatunji Tolu

Analyst -- -- Articless
Trader & Coach with over 10 years experience in the Forex Market. Helping new & struggling traders understand the Market like an open book for profitable trading. Worked for a few top brokers in the industry till date. Simple Swing trading style using Price Action/Support & Resistance strategy with strict Risk Management techniques while having the right mindset (psychology) is key to success.
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Bitcoin: The Bulls seem to have Chickened out

It’s all in the charts as the Bitcoin continues to tumble leaving those trying to catch a falling knife in pain with the deep moves to the downside. Where are we heading to next?

Bitcoin: Where are the Bulls?

After peaking late last year at 69k, the crypto has been one way directional and it makes one wonder, where are the bulls? Is it going to continue tanking without any opposition? Where is the bottom? So many questions to ask but not enough answers.

EURUSD: The Correction is not yet complete

The Fiber has been weak this year but every cycle suggests there’ll be corrections and it has begun. Let’s see if we have a deeper retracement before the year runs out.

USDCAD: A case of a deadlock between the bulls and the bears

The Loonie pair has been consolidating over the previous year from a higher timeframe viewpoint, without offering any real trading opportunities.

Bitcoin: Bullish momentum building up

This year has been a major downtrend for the crypto and has now halted around the 18k demand zone. When will the buyers come in to play for a proper retracement?

EURUSD: Stuck in a Range

Bearish since the beginning of the year and hitting parity with more moves to the down side projected towards the end of the year.

USDJPY: Bears seem to be looking for Revenge

The bulls started the year with a bang and we knew whatever it was one would soon wear off. Now the bears have taken over and looks like they might be on the same thing as the vertical moves down suggest heavy strength for the Sellers.

USDJPY: The Rise of the Bears or just a Pullback?

It has been a one way ticket from the start of the year at 115 to 139 with no real pullback on the Fibonacci, at least 38.2 / 50 retracement level should be tested as the Bulls have started taking major profit.

Gold: Update on the precious metal

The year started bullish until it tested the 2072 highs and now 180 degrees turn around since March has seen total consumption of the initial bulls run with possible further drop to 1545 area.

EURUSD: What's next for the fiber?

From the beginning of this year, the trend has been down without a doubt and the best positions have been shorts, how long will this weakness last for?
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