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As a seasoned trader, I possess a distinctive perspective on the supply and demand dynamics, price fluctuations, and market trends of copper, gold, crude oil, and other bulk commodities. This allows me to promptly seize trading opportunities and make informed decisions.
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The Inflection Point of Dollar's Long-Term Weakening Is Gradually Emerging

On October 4, Kevin McCarthy, US House Speaker and the No.2 person in the US who actually has real power, was removed by voting. It was he who abandoned the principle, gave up the previous idea of deep cuts in fiscal spending, compromised with the Biden administration, and extended the time of the government shutdown, which led to the rebellion of his party. Perhaps McCarthy is already heralding an inflection point that is coming sooner.

Does the Past Experience Still Work?

The hottest topics these days are the U.S. Treasury Securities and crude oil. The yield of the U.S. Treasury Securities continues to rise, but the inverted phenomenon has improved. The price of crude oil continues to rise, while the price of copper keeps falling. The "copper-to-oil ratio" hit a new low in the past year. Does it indicate the risk of recession?

Rising Towards the Sun in the Darkest Moment

The U.S. Dollar Index (USDX) rose for 11 weeks in a row, and the rebound of spot gold was also blocked. The price of gold once again fell to US$1,860 and also fell below the overall operating range of US$1,884-1,990. The panic caused by long-term concerns about high interest rates is the main reason. However, we could hold an optimistic outlook, as gold prices might rise towards the sun in the darkest moment.

Will Crude Oil Soar Again?

Crude oil retraced to 77.5. In the context of production cuts, concerns about a gap between supply and demand stimulated oil prices higher. So, oil prices are about to soar? Currently, the market is almost completely bullish. However, we need to stay rational moderately.

Is the Crude Oil Pullback Enough?

Oil prices have continued their pullback for many days, and many people will ask whether the pullback is sufficient. Is it a pullback or a reversal? Perhaps the rising logic of oil prices has changed.

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