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Samantha Luan

Analyst -- -- Articles
I specialize in Chinese stocks, futures and international futures markets, and do well in short and medium term trading. I have unique insights into Elliott Wave Principle and can apply it well in trading.
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CLOSED -1211 Points

GBPCHF: Go Short

I. Technical Analysis 1.1 GBPCHF Monthly Chart In the GBPCHF monthly chart, all of the simple moving averages (SMA) are moving down. The overall trend of GBPCHF this month is bearish. KD and RSI both form dead crosses, indicating that the recent market is still bearish. 1.2 GBPCHF Weekly Chart Today

Macron Re-elected, to Focus Mainly on Domestic Affairs

French President Emmanuel Macron admits that French society has been riven by doubt and division. He knows that many French voters voted for him in the runoff not because they agree with his election campaign platform, but due to their efforts to resist the extreme right. Macron, the centrist leader

Hong Kong Is a Fair Way off from Recovering Its Economy as the Unemployment Rate Rises to 5% 

The fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the job market, with the local unemployment rate rising to 5% in the first quarter of this year, a record high in eight months. Therefore, the Hong Kong SAR Government has launched several relief measures, including the 2022 Employment Support Scheme (

U.S. GDP Falls in Q1, Stocks Surge, and Nasdaq Rises Over 3%

Here comes the economic report after the Fed's first interest rate hike, indicating a tough and uneven course for the U.S. to raise interest rates. It is a difficult problem for the Fed to both greatly reduce inflation and prevent an economic recession. The negative growth of the U.S. economy in Q1

U.S. Economy Still Has Inflationary Pressures, and the Fed's Rate Hike Process Is Hardly Aggressive

With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continuing, it is impossible to predict whether food and energy prices will fall, driving down overall inflation. Raising rates too quickly could raise the question of whether the Fed can engineer a soft landing for the U.S. economy. In the history of the Fed, the
CLOSED +37 Points

USDHKD: Stronger in Oscillation, Bullish in Short Term

Technical Analysis According to the USDHKD 4-hour timeframe, the SMA is unilateral, and the real body of the K-line is on the middle Bollinger rail that moves up, indicating a bullish trend for the day. The KD and RSI form a golden cross, indicating that the time to go long is starting. Today's intr

HSI Lost 20,000 Points Again while Efforts to Maintain Economic Growth of 5.5% Require Policy Confidence

According to recent reports, China has prepared to take all measures to stabilize growth and ensure that the annual economic growth rate can be maintained at around 5.5%. This background signals the introduction of more monetary and fiscal incentives, which will be favorable for the appreciation of

Offshore RMB Breaks 6.64 and PBOC Cuts RRR for Foreign Exchange Deposits for the Third Time

The divergence of the US and Chinese monetary policies is likely to reach an inflection point in the second half of the year, which may then have a new impact on the trend of the RMB exchange rate. Time around the third quarter will be a key point of change in the market situation. After the rapid r

Soaring U.S. Economic Data Boost U.S. Stocks, in which Lower Valued Stocks Could Be Favorable

Stronger-than-expected U.S. housing construction commencement data have pushed back recession pessimism. Other recently released economic reports also gave some relief to the bulls. Risks remain, but basically, it looks like the economy will steer away from recession. Q1 profits look more optimistic

Fed's Rate Hike Pushes CNH Exchange Rate to 6.4, Thus CNH to Fluctuate Widely under Internal & External Pressure

Tensions from the Russia-Ukraine war have increased and central banks' interest rate hikes have kicked in; the COVID-19 pandemic breaks out repeatedly in China, putting pressure on economic growth. Under multiple pressures, the USDCNH exchange rate has recently returned to the 6.40 level, erasing th
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