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Samantha Luan

Analyst -- -- Articles
I specialize in Chinese stocks, futures and international futures markets, and do well in short and medium term trading. I have unique insights into Elliott Wave Principle and can apply it well in trading.
Financial News
Trading Analysis

BTC Market Capitalization Front-runs Bitcoin Price To New All-time High As $69K Nears

Bitcoin price is trading within the upper range of the November 2021 supply zone as crypto markets rally.

Nikkei Breaks 40K as Japan's Capital Spending Fuels Market Optimism

The coming week is packed with central bank decisions and market-moving economic data releases.

G20 Optimism on Global Outlook Gives BOJ Impetus for Early Stimulus Exit

G20 summary says chance of global soft landing increased…

Global Vegetable Seeds Market To Reach $15 Billion By 2032, Driven By Food Supply Chain Globalization

The vegetable seeds market is set to surge to $15 billion by 2032, driven by global demand and innovation despite seed patenting issues.

Wall Street Hunts For More AI Gold After Nvidia’s Soaring Rally

Money managers are scrambling to cash in on the stock market’s interest in artificial intelligence, as a stunning rally by Nvidia sparks a search for other companies that are capitalizing on the technology.

‘No Recession’: Why Economists Are Brightening Their Outlooks On 2024

Dr. Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics at Sonoma State University gives the regional economic outlook during the North Bay Business Journal’s Economic Outlook Summit, Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024 at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park.

ESG Ratings Firms Split Over Relief For Smaller Providers In EU Regulation

The rules are set to apply to the EU ESG ratings market 18 months after adoption.

China’s Efforts To Unlock The Value Of Data As An Asset

As companies and policymakers move to better leverage the value of information, key issues such as how to recognize and price it still need clarification.

European CPI Ticks Higher, A Warning Of Inflation Pressure To Come

Eurozone inflation data for February has surprised to the upside.

China Intensifies Efforts To Curb Risk In Troubled Trust Sector

As well as increasing the focus on risk control and services such as wealth management, new regulations aim to discourage trusts from acting as conduits for shady investments.

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