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Samantha Luan

Analyst -- -- Articles
I specialize in Chinese stocks, futures and international futures markets, and do well in short and medium term trading. I have unique insights into Elliott Wave Principle and can apply it well in trading.
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Rally in U.S. Consumer Stocks Teeters with Fed, Inflation in Focus

"Selling in this group will likely continue until investors again believe that future inflation measures will begin to ease," Stovall said.

Asian Stocks Sink, Yields Rise as Markets Brace for Aggressive Fed

Stocks in Asia sank and bond yields were elevated on Wednesday, as investors braced for another aggressive interest rate hike from the U.S. Federal Reserve later in the day.
LOSS -1180 Points

WTI: Russian Oil Production Will Be Irreplaceable

The Bank for International Settlements assessed in its quarterly report on Monday that replacing Russia's oil supplies could be a daunting task for the West in the long run. The fundamental problem is Russian oil's huge market share, as Russia alone accounts for 10% of global oil exports. In additio
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LOSS -11500 Points

HSI: A-shares Listed on SSE and SZSE Open Higher, SSE Composite Index Up 0.39%

SZSE Component Index was at 11,274.86 points, up 0.61%; Growth Enterprise Index was at 2,366.79 points, up 0.70%; SZSE SME Composite Index was at 7,766.54 points, up 0.63%. In the stock market, power equipment led the rise, and automotive, petroleum, petrochemicals, coal, non-ferrous metals, basic c
PROFIT +42445 Points

CMX Copper: Metal Continues to Fall, Reflecting Economic Warnings

Despite a new round of mixed U.S. economic data, gold prices fell to their lowest level since April 2020 as the market expects the Fed to raise interest rates more sharply. With the Fed's big interest rate hike, which has weakened the appeal of interest-free assets, gold prices have fallen nearly 8.
LOSS -490 Points

EURUSD: ECB's Centeno Calls for Sharp Rate Hikes

On September 8, Mario Centeno, a member of the European Central Bank's Governing Council, said the central bank must be cautious in subsequent meetings after a sharp interest rate hike underlined its determination to curb high inflation. The ECB raised interest rates by 75 basis points in a historic

Zinc Caught Between Weakening Demand and Sliding Supply

The puzzle facing the zinc market is whether demand or supply will fall hardest this year.
LOSS -73305 Points

CMX Copper: Demand for Bulk Copper Weakens and Risk of Global Economic Recession Rises

Copper and other basic metals, as economic barometers, are sending warning signals about the global economy. The Bloomberg Industrial Metals Spot Subindex is losing out to the Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index as the Federal Reserve tightens its policy. The commodity report from industry research said
LOSS -269 Points

EURUSD: Energy Crisis Intensifies, European Credit Markets Stuck in Crisis

LGIM European investment grade portfolio manager Luan Vu said, "European companies are more vulnerable to the energy crisis than U.S. credit markets and the risk of recession is higher in Europe than in the United States. Spreads in the European market reflect higher risk than their U.S. counterpart
LOSS -530 Points

USDCHF: The Bulls Rise Again at the Bottom of the Range 

Goldman Sachs reiterated its bullishness on the Swiss franc (CHF) after the ECB raised rates by 75 basis points, stating that now is the time to short the EURCHF. The ECB described this rate hike as a "front-loaded" hike, suggesting that its actions in support of the Euro (EUR) are constrained.
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