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Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues, and it is difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement in negotiations. Western countries have imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia. The outlook is unpredictable.
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Aid for Ukraine's $54M Crypto Fund Buys Vests, Scopes and UAVs

The crypto donations have played a "significant role in Ukraine's defense," a Ukrainian government official wrote.

BRENT: Be Careful before the Implementation of Iran Nuclear Deal, with Oil Prices in Need of Rebound

BRENT continued its downward trend, but the decline has weakened, and a possible rebounding consolidation should be considered. 

The Contest Over the Black Sea in the New Cold War

Russia's recent blockade of Ukraine's ports underscores the importance of the Black Sea and the need for NATO to counter the Kremlin's maritime military dominance.

Weekly Outlook for Commodity Market

The gold price is subject to the pressure of 1800 and will stagnate at highs or correct; the global economic slowdown and the demand worries caused by the pandemic have outweighed the impact of tight supply triggered by the geopolitical situation. The overall trend of oil prices is downward which is

Wall Street Revives Russian Bond Trading after U.S. Go-Ahead

Some $40 billion of Russian sovereign bonds were outstanding before Russia began what it calls a "special military operation" in Ukraine in February.
Owen Li

Opec Cuts 2022 Oil Demand Forecast Amid Ukraine Conflict and High Inflation

Opec lowered its global oil demand forecast for this year amid the Ukraine war, coronavirus pandemic-related movement restrictions and high inflation.

DAX Index: Senegal to Relieve German Gas Shortage by 2024

From the news on August 12, Senegal will export natural gas to Germany and other European countries in 2024. It is reported that Africa has 7.1% of the world's proven gas reserves, and there is a large space for gas exports with Europe, where only two countries, Algeria and Nigeria, currently supply
Samantha Luan

How to Deal With Russia

The West should prepare for a long and arduous struggle to contain Russia.

UN Chief Demands International Access to Ukraine Nuclear Plant After New Attack

UN's Guterres: Any attack on nuclear plant is 'suicidal'.

Russia-Ukraine War Leaves Hamas in Financial Crisis

The fragile Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip has been largely affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, which has caused price hikes and an increase in taxes.
Devin Wang
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