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Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues, and it is difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement in negotiations. Western countries have imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia. The outlook is unpredictable.
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Oil Price Is Unstoppable Until Russia-Ukraine War Ceases

The Russia-Ukraine war has lasted for more than half a year. Apparently, it was a Russia-Ukraine war of attrition, while the truth is a battle between Russia and the US, a bayonet of the two world energy powers, and the final competition of global arms exports. For Russia, withdrawal may mean loss, more than the energy and arms market, the loss will be the country's future. Thus, so even if Russia is drained on the battlefield, it will maintain the cheese of the arms and energy markets on which they depend now.
King Ten

Global Recession a Bigger Risk to Russia's Oil Revenue than Price Cap

Russia's oil export revenues are at much greater risk from a global economic recession than the price cap being planned by the United States and the European Union.
Samantha Luan
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BRENT: Trade Flexibly and Swiftly in a Complicated and Changeable Market

EIA crude oil inventory growth exceeded expectations and the rally structure on the technical side has been damaged, with a bias towards a bear market in the short term.

Ukraine Calls for More Anti-Drone Gear as Air-Defense Missiles Arrive

NASAMS are now operational in Ukraine, but a new potential threat looms.
LOSS -2600 Points

BRENT: Both Supply and Demand Sides Are Bullish, Supporting Oil Prices to Rise

The pullback in the US dollar (USD) and that both supply and demand sides are bullish support oil prices. In technical terms, oil prices rallied in oscillation and maintained a strong pattern.

Why Compromise with Putin is Not The Solution in Ukraine

Russia's atrocities in Ukraine should have convinced the West by now that surrendering to selfish energy interests and Kremlin nuclear blackmail will have horrible consequences.
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BRENT: Multiple Positive Blessings, Oil Prices Remain BULLISH

Demand Growth Expectations are Optimistic, Geopolitical Risks are Rising, Crude Oil Inventory Data is Declining, and Multiple Positives Jointly Support the Recovery of Oil Prices.

South Korean President Dismisses Putin's Warning

Russian president uses NK as leverage for thwarting Seoul's Ukraine support.

Energy Crisis Sparked by Ukraine War to Speed up Green Transition

The drop in Russian fossil fuel exports after its Ukraine invasion this year will transform the global energy landscape for decades and can help to hasten a green energy transition, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Thursday.
Owen Li

Ukrainians Hold Out in East, Prepare Battle for Kherson

Ukrainian troops are holding out against repeated attacks by Russian forces in two eastern towns while those at the southern front are poised to battle for the strategic Kherson region, which Russia appears to be reinforcing.
Kevin Du
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