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The bond market is the oldest financial market, mature, not innovative but indispensable, while debt is an ancient common vortex, inconspicuous but formidable.
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Bank of Korea Next up, Nvidia Keeps on Rollin'

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets.
Samantha Luan

China's US Bond Shifts Put Dollar Under Geopolitical Spotlight

As the trade war between the United States and China escalates, China is shrinking its holdings of U.S. bonds...

India May Cut Bond Sales on High Cash Balances, Officials Say

India may consider cutting its bond sales this year aided by a higher cash balance, according to people familiar with the matter.

Do Stocks and Bonds Still Care About the Fed After Rosy U.S. CPI Data?

Stocks and bonds will test their mettle as last week’s spirited rally searches for reasons to keep going.

US Stock Settlement Switch Faces Early Resilience Test

Participants in the United States' multitrillion-dollar securities markets face an early test of their ability to cope with regulatory reforms to speed up trade settlement, as a major index rebalance scheduled to occur just days after the planned switch risks causing a spike in failed trades.

Japan's 10-Year Bond Yield Hits Decade-High Amid BOJ Policy Bets

Japan's benchmark government bond yield climbed to the highest since 2013 amid expectations that the central bank is committed to normalizing interest rates and supporting the struggling yen

Western Asset Betting BOJ Policy Shift to Boost Ultra-Long Bonds

Western Asset Management Co. is betting that 30-year Japanese government bond yields won't rise as much as shorter maturities as the Bank of Japan is less likely to cut holdings of ultra long-term debt.
Kevin Du

'War Economy' Angle on Debts Risks 'Creative' Solutions

Big public debts typically stem from big economic and political junctures that require government to spend big - but reining them back risks 'creative' solutions markets may struggle to price...

Serene Euro Debt Markets Still Leave ECB Queasy

Becalmed by a likely interest rate cut as soon as next month, euro zone government bond markets seem serene...

Markets Buoyant, But Wary of CPI, Tariffs

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets.
Samantha Luan

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