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EURCAD : Clean Wedge Breakout & Retest

The EURCAD price is expected to fall to 1.29000 with two price targets since it is currently at a resistance level.
Warren Takunda

Oil Continues To Decline In light Of The Success Of American Policy 

After falling more than 7% last week, WTI crude futures stabilized above $79 per barrel on Monday as investors reevaluated the forecast for global demand. Meanwhile, falling oil prices sparked rumors that OPEC+ would reconsider intervening in the petroleum markets once more. OPEC+ had earlier in Sep
Aymen BJ

The Gold is Witnessing a Slight Recovery

XAU/USD Clings to 29-Month Low Near $1,630, With Attention On Ukraine And Powell.
Aymen BJ

Are We Witnessing A Near Recovery For Oil, Or Will The Deterioration Of The Political Situation Make Matters Worse ?

WTI Predicts A Decline To Roughly $80.00 Because To Lowered Global Growth Projections.
Aymen BJ

Are We Witnessing A Near Recovery For Gold, Or Will The Deterioration Of The Political Situation Make Matters Worse ?

In View Of Powell, Gold Aims To Continue Its Range-Play Over $1,650.
Aymen BJ

USDJPY: Central Bank Intervention May Ease Trading Sentiment in the Short Term

The Bank of Japan's intervention in the foreign exchange market may make the market hesitate in the short term, but it will not change the yen's weakness in the long run.
King Ten
PROFIT +1600 Points

EURUSD :Structure Break and Retrst

Break of structure  and retest s.Price is currently testing the previous support of 0.9900  zone .Will be looking for entries on lower time frames for confirmation to sell.
Warren Takunda

GOLD :What's Next After FOMC?

There was a spike to support, followed by a spike to resistance, and then a period of consolidation  in between.However, short-term support is close to being broken and Gold is under pressure to break it. Consequently, we can have a decline towards 1600 as the next target.
Warren Takunda

A Very Difficult Week For Gold And Oil , In Light Of The Pressure od Fed And Russia On The Other Hand

GOLD XAU/USD Is Still Under a Lot of Pressure and Has a Hard Time Gaining Strength. The Federal Reserve announced its third consecutive 75 basis point rate hike on Thursday and hinted at future tightening to lower inflation. This caused gold prices to decline to approximately $1,660 an ounce, return
Aymen BJ

EURAUD : Short Trade Setup

Accordingly, we expect the EURAUD to fall to the level of 1.4200 if the confluence pocket holds true and resistance holds.
Warren Takunda
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