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Europe turns to ECB after U.S. inflation selloff

Stubborn US inflation data triggers global market selloff. Euro wobbles after strong dollar rally, ECB meeting eyed for rate cut clues. Yen hits new 34-year low against USD, intervention threat looms. Oil gains on Mideast tensions.
Warren Takunda

Bitcoin Price Surges as $2.1B Signal Offers Insight

BTC hits 20-day peak at $72,212, raising hopes for new all-time highs pre-Halving. Buy orders surpass sell orders by 6,000+ BTC. Bulls may encounter resistance near previous peak at $73,990.
Chandan Gupta

Wall Street Rebounds Amid Rising Yields on Nasdaq 100, Dow, S&P 500

Uncertain U.S. stock market sways with fluctuating Treasury yields. Rising 10-year Treasury notes reshape Fed rate cut expectations. Tech and crypto stocks flourish; Wells Fargo predicts high year-end S&P 500 target.
Chandan Gupta

Intriguing EUR/GBP Scenario Unfolding

EUR/GBP exhibits a monthly Head and Shoulders Top pattern alongside a daily inverted Head and Shoulders Top formation, indicating potential trend reversals on different timeframes.
Chandan Gupta

DXY Index Trades Both Ways Ahead of Inflation Figures

Mixed US data alters rate cut outlook, impacting DXY. Dollar's trajectory hinges on US inflation report and ECB policy. Yen approaches historic lows, Euro's fate tied to ECB's rate verdict.
Chandan Gupta

Crude Oil Gains Limited Amid Easing Tensions in the Middle East

Oil futures initially decline 3%, partially rebounding Monday. Geopolitical tensions impact supply outlook. Brent encounters technical barriers, but overall sentiment remains upbeat in the market.
Chandan Gupta

Silver Prices Tilt Bullish Amid Economic Uncertainty

Despite yield and dollar upticks, silver stays bullish. Asian central banks, notably China, wield significant influence on precious metals. CPI report could sway Fed policy, affecting silver prices.
Chandan Gupta

Record Surge in Gold Prices Fueled by Asian Central Bank Purchases

Asian central banks' gold purchases drive prices to new highs. China's rising gold reserves underscore its gold asset strategy. Robust U.S. economy and inflation data indicate ongoing gold market expansion.
Chandan Gupta

Resilience of Natural Gas Amid Market Headwinds

Weather fluctuations and production adjustments affect short-term prices, while pipeline maintenance impacts pricing. Warmer temperatures and ample supply contribute to a bearish market sentiment.
Chandan Gupta

March Sees First Decline in UK House Prices After 6 Months

Data from a mortgage provider contributes to evidence of disparities in the rebound of the property market.
Zi Cheng

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