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Financial News
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RBNZ's Tightrope Act: ANZ's Projections and Risks for the Kiwi Currency

Ranked as the second-best performing G10 currency for the prior week and third-best for the past month, NZD faces critical dynamics, notably in the GBP/NZD range.
Warren Takunda

Gold Price Heading Towards 2020 Record High

US Dollar weakness could push the Gold price higher. Dovish comments from the US Federal Reserve causing the USD to weaken.
Zi Cheng

From Powell's Insights to OPEC+ Dynamics: What to Watch in the Upcoming Trading Week

The upcoming week promises a flurry of market-moving events, with a focus on the U.S., where data releases include PCE prices, personal income, spending, and the ISM Manufacturing PMI.
Warren Takunda

Oil Prices Decline as Bearish Influences Persist

The OPEC+ meeting scheduled for this weekend may be cancelled as Saudi Arabia is dissatisfied with the lack of commitment from other countries to cut production and stabilize crude prices.
N Faiszah Ishak

USDJPY Future Looks Up

After all, the recent depreciation of the US dollar and its interaction with the Japanese yen highlights the complexity of the foreign exchange market.
Chandan Gupta

Sitting in Front of The Bayley Manifesto, The Center of Resistance

The GBP/USD pair has been stable in recent weeks.
Chandan Gupta

Week Ahead Unveiled: FOMC, Earnings Reports, and Economic Indicators (Nov 20th-24th)

The upcoming week in the financial realm promises to be dynamic and eventful, with a plethora of key indicators and significant events shaping market trends globally.
Warren Takunda

Crude Oil: Weekly forecast November 19th to November 25th

WTI crude oil ended last week's trading near the midpoint of its weekly price range.
Chandan Gupta

Australian Dollar Rises on Strong Wage Data, Global Supportive Numbers

The Australian Dollar (AUD) demonstrated strength in the wake of encouraging wage data, as the country's Wage Price Index for the third quarter surpassed market expectations, rising to 4.0% year-on-year.
Warren Takunda

UK Labor Market Stuns with Strong Figures, Propelling Pound to Multi-Currency Gains

The evolving Bank of England rate outlook, coupled with ongoing economic indicators, will continue to shape the narrative for the Pound in the coming weeks.
Warren Takunda

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