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The economy is at the center of all activity today. Economic data and indicator changes, policy adjustments, and emerging models all affect traders' decisions.
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Financial News
Trading Analysis

Study Reveals Rising Poverty in Europe

Poverty has forced most Europeans to skip meals during the past three years, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the charity French Secours Populaire, which advocates for people on low incomes.

Japan's Price Trend Gauge Hits Record, Heightens Case for BOJ Exit

The data adds to recent growing signs that prospects of sustained wage increases are prodding firms to hike prices for their services, a trend the central bank sees as a prerequisite for ending ultra-low interest rates.

Yen Strengthens Amid Speculation of BoJ Policy Shift and Business Sector's Currency Concerns

Nikkei report indeed aligns closely with BoJ's existing communication, where a wage-price spiral is considered a prerequisite for any rate hike.
Samantha Luan

Markets Daily

The U.S. dollar fell against all G10 currencies on the day. Crude markets slipped again as traders focused on the chances of OPEC+ extending and deepening cuts into 2024.

Saudi Arabia's Grand Plan to 'Hook' Poor Countries on Oil

Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand.

Economic Lessons From 2023

U.S. real personal consumption has held up well in the face of higher interest rates because jobs kept growing. Inflation has receded in virtually every category, although shelter is coming down more slowly due to the confusing and lagged calculation of owners' equivalent rent.

West's De-Risking Starts to Bite China's Prospects

China records first quarterly foreign direct investment deficit. Execs worry about China slowdown, geopolitics, regulations. Trend could weigh on yuan, chip away at growth potential-analyst. China-focused buyout fundraising has ground to a halt-data.

Gulf Economies Must Fortify Against External Shocks as Geopolitical Tensions Gather Force

No nation is immune from geopolitical disruptions, experts say, urging the need for Gulf countries to build economic resilience to weather future crises.

Yen Cautious Rebounds While Gold Rallies Above 2k

This tranquility in the market is expected to be short-lived, as volatility is likely to escalate with the unfolding of high-profile events later in the week.
Samantha Luan

European Stocks on Course for Their Best Month Since January

European markets look to be on course for their best month since January after the gains of the last few weeks, on the growing anticipation that central banks are not only done on the rate hike front, but that we could start to rate cuts as soon as the early part of 2024. The shift to bullish from b

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