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Central Bank

Inflation, exchange rates, and the economy shape the policy decisions of central banks; the attitudes and words of central bank officials also influence the actions of market traders.
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Financial News
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Fed's Dovish Tone Pressures Dollar and Yields, RBNZ's Hawkishness Lifts Kiwi

Dollar's decline finally takes off again overnight, following dovish comments from some Fed officials.
Samantha Luan

Australia: Some Welcome News on Inflation

Headline CPI inflation for October dropped below 5%, and there should be further declines in the coming months, increasing (but not guaranteeing) the chances that rates in Australia have peaked.

RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement

Short description: The RBNZ left the OCR at 5.5% as expected but was more hawkish on future prospects.

Fed Cut Bets Continue to Weigh on Dollar

Dollar extends slide as first 25bps Fed cut seen by June. Fed officials speak ahead of PCE inflation data later this week. Yen gains on reports the BoJ is considering exiting negative rates. Aussie and kiwi stretch rally, RBNZ decision awaited.

Japan's Price Trend Gauge Hits Record, Heightens Case for BOJ Exit

The data adds to recent growing signs that prospects of sustained wage increases are prodding firms to hike prices for their services, a trend the central bank sees as a prerequisite for ending ultra-low interest rates.

Yen Strengthens Amid Speculation of BoJ Policy Shift and Business Sector's Currency Concerns

Nikkei report indeed aligns closely with BoJ's existing communication, where a wage-price spiral is considered a prerequisite for any rate hike.
Samantha Luan

Has Inflation Fire Been Extinguished by ECB?

Key data releases on the menu as the ECB meets in two weeks.ECB officials have been toning down their hawkish commentary.The euro would welcome a strong inflation print and the ensuing hawkish rhetoric.German CPI will be released on Wednesday; EZ aggregate on Thursday 10 GMT.

Yen Cautious Rebounds While Gold Rallies Above 2k

This tranquility in the market is expected to be short-lived, as volatility is likely to escalate with the unfolding of high-profile events later in the week.
Samantha Luan

Will RBNZ Pour Cold Water on Rate Cut Expectations?

Investors see no more hikes and expect 40bps worth of cuts for 2024

Rates Spark: Feeble Pushback

Markets are clearly eyeing the turn of the rate cycle, but amid central banks' 'high for longer' messaging and data releases, volatility remains elevated.

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