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Interest Rate Resolution

Central banks set monetary policies and make interest rate resolutions by taking into account various factors such as economic conditions, inflation, and unemployment rates. That determines the latest economic and financial trends in a country or region or even around the world.
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Singapore Seen Tightening Monetary Policy as Price Pressures Persist

Singapore is likely to tighten monetary policy this month, the fifth time in a row, amid persistent inflation in the Asian financial hub due to global supply chain disruptions and a tight labour market.

Thai Inflation Rate Slows In September, C.Bank Seen Hiking Further

Thailand's headline inflation rate was less than expected in September, decelerating from the previous month, data showed on Wednesday.
Owen Li

Rate Hike Bonanza Among Major Central Banks Hits Two-Decade Peak in September

Major developed central banks delivered in September rate hikes at a pace and scale not seen in at least two decades, ramping up their fight against multi-decade high inflation with little let-up in sight.

USDJPY: Stagnate at 145.0 Mark, with Risk of Triggering Another Government Intervention

The depreciation of the JPY has eased significantly after the Japanese government intervened in the currency market. The JPY is below the trigger point of intervention at the 145.0 mark. Whether this level can be held will determine the subsequent direction of the JPY.

XAUUSD: Long Positions Counterattack Strong, Accelerating Push to the Short

The geopolitical situation escalated, and the short-term USD fell sharply in adjustment, with gold prices expected to rebound further after breaking through 1680.The geopolitical situation escalated, and the short-term USD fell sharply in adjustment, with gold prices expected to rebound further afte

Australia's Central Bank Slows Pace of Rate Hikes in Surprise Move

Australia's central bank on Tuesday surprised markets by lifting interest rates by a smaller-than-expected 25 basis points.
Owen Li

U.S. Fed's Aggressive Rate Hikes Add Pressure on European Economy

A stronger U.S. dollar arising from the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate hikes has intensified pressure on the European economy, leading to higher inflation and energy costs, European economists have said.

GBPUSD: With Strong Rebound in the Short Term, Beware of Retracement from Highs

The UK economic situation continues to deteriorate, facing many challenges. Although the pound has rebounded strongly in the short term, it is difficult to reverse the bearish trend.
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XAUUSD: Gold Rallies, Breaking above 1680 or Not Is the Key

With the dollar falling, gold prices rallied sharply. However, the prospect of interest rate hikes by central banks still exerts pressure on gold prices, and whether gold prices can break through 1680 in the short term will determine the next move.
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GBPUSD: UK Economy Is Deteriorating with Unavoidable Downward Trend of GBP

The UK's economic situation is deteriorating, and it is facing many challenges. Although the short-term GBP has rebounded after suffering heavy losses, it is difficult to reverse the short-term trend of the GBP.
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