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Energy and Climate

Persistent floods, droughts and hurricanes have severely hampered the production and operation of national economies, pushing up the prices of commodities. The volatile international situation has exacerbated the shortage of energy supplies. As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, energy has become the number one problem plaguing many countries.
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Model no More? Turkey's Energy Transition Reversed in 2022

As Europe's fastest-growing energy consumer since 2010, and a ratifier of the Paris agreement to cap emissions, Turkey is viewed as a critical energy transition test case seeking to retool its power system while sustaining economic growth.

Europe's Gas Price Plunge Churns Up Global Coal Markets

Thermal coal markets were a prominent beneficiary of Europe's power sector turmoil in 2022, with prices surging more than 250% through mid-March as utilities and trading firms scrambled to replace lost supplies of Russian natural gas with other fuels.
Devin Wang

Crisis Over? Europe's Gas Stocks at Seasonal Record High

Northwest Europe is half-way through the winter heating season and gas inventories are at a record high following an extended period of exceptionally mild temperatures since the middle of December.
Devin Wang

Europe Weathers the Storm

If you're looking for economic and investment tailwinds, climate change is hardly one of them.

Market for Clean Energy Technologies to Be Worth $650bn Per Year by 2030, IEA Says

High concentration of resources in some countries poses risks to global supply chains, agency says.
Kevin Du

'Dangerous' Tunisian Droughts Threaten Food Security

Since September only 110 million cubic meters of rain fell in Tunisia, about a fifth of the normal rate, and officials in the farmers union and the main trade union warn that grain crops will suffer - adding to existing problems of food supply.
Devin Wang

Europe's Scramble for Natural Gas Will Not Affect Renewable Energy Transition, Irena Says

The continent has boosted its LNG imports from the US and Gulf countries.

Global LNG Volumes Hit Record High as Europe Crowds Out Poorer Asia

The world imported more liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2022 than ever before, but the war in Ukraine has meant that the growth was concentrated in wealthy European countries and away from poorer Asian countries.
Devin Wang

WEF Warns Rising Cost of Living, Climate Change Constitute Biggest Risks to Global Economy

The World Economic Forum (WEF) yesterday warned that the cost-of-living crisis remained the biggest short-term risk to the global economy.
Kevin Du

Europe's Mild Weather Reprieve This Winter May Come to Bite by Summer

Record warm temperatures across Europe this winter have been celebrated for helping to avert a potential power crisis across the region.
Devin Wang
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