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Quantitative Strategies Member Exclusive
FastBull develops and deploys trading strategies across a variety of asset classes and global markets. We aim to deliver high-quality trading signals that are proactively under risk control.
We use risk-adjusted returns to measure an algorithmic trading strategy's performance. While comparing different strategies, we are not only looking at their returns, but also the amount of risk taken to earn these returns.
Here you can track every trade execution of our strategies and their performance versus a benchmark in real time.
Risks are classified into simply three levels: high risk, moderate risk, and low risk. No matter what modeling techniques were applied or what logic or assumptions were adopted to form the philosophy of these strategies, we offer advanced analytics to help measure related risk exposures.
A selection of risk statistics including standard deviation, tracking error, R-squared, Beta, Skewness, and VaR allow you to dissect information in risk assessment.


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