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Analyst -- -- Articles
I have an in-depth study of fundamentals, especiaslly for the US dollar market. I'm good at short and medium term trading by virtue of my profound financial theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience.
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GBPUSD: GBP Has Been Fluctuating Downward, Recommended to Buy Low and Sell High

The combination of rising energy prices, a depreciating GBP, sluggish economic growth, a weak household economy, trade restrictions in Russia, and soaring headline inflation has put the UK economy in a dangerous environment that could indicate the UK. is on the brink of a severe recession. In other

USDX: NATO's Eastward Expansion Reappears, Risk Aversion May Boost USD

The application to join NATO from Finland and Sweden may trigger the issue of NATO's eastward expansion again. It is expected that Russia will take a tough stance on it based on Russia's attitude towards Ukraine's desire to join NATO, which will stimulate the risk aversion sentiment of the market.
CLOSED +524 Points

EURUSD: EUR Failed to Break Below 1.0350 and May Pull Back in the Short Term

The problem of increasing energy shortage in Europe caused by the Russia-Ukraine war has never been solved. The soaring energy prices and food prices have intensified inflation pressure in Europe, and the divergence of monetary policies between the U.S. and European central banks is gradually wideni
CLOSED +487 Points

USDX: Though Starting Rising, USD May Retrace in the Near Term

After the new round of appreciation, there may be a slight retracement for the USD in the near term. But the overall trend is clear at present. It is expected that the USD will continue to rise in the future. Due to the lack of significant economic data during the day and the approaching weekend, th

U.S. CPI in April: Far from Seeing a Top

Although the CPI fell in April from the previous value, it was more due to the base effect and the outlook is not optimistic. It is too early to talk about reaching a top, and if the inflation outlook worsens, it could force the Fed to be more hawkish about monetary policy, which will be inflected i

USDX: With an Optimistic Market Expectation, USD May Surge Over 104.3

The CPI released this time is undoubtedly a good "inflation answer sheet". It is expected that the Fed will seize the opportunity to show a more hawkish stand. In other words, the USD will have another round of rising.

EURUSD: EUR Could See a New Round of Decline, Focus to Be Given to 1.0448

April CPI will be released during the day. If the U.S. April CPI shows signs of a slowdown, it is expected that the EUR will test 1.0448. If this level is broken, the EUR will see a new round of downtrend, which requires special attention.
CLOSED +478 Points

USDX: CPI Will Help USD Refresh 20-Year High 

The US April CPI will be announced today. Judging from the sub-item data of the March CPI, the April CPI may be lower than market expectations, and the core CPI inflation may decrease.
CLOSED +115 Points

USDX: Risk of Decline in USD Is Continuously Rising

After Powell reduced the possibility of raising interest rates by 75 basis points, Bostic also made remarks with similar views, which cooled market expectations to some degree and put pressure on the USD. Concerns over the Fed's capability to restrain inflation while avoiding recession have also kep
CLOSED -647 Points

GBPUSD: GBP Rebounds and Tries to Reach 1.2470

Saunders' speech puts pressure on the GBP. But persistent and high inflation may force the Bank of England to take a more hawkish stance, which may raise market expectations.
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