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I have an in-depth study of fundamentals, especiaslly for the US dollar market. I'm good at short and medium term trading by virtue of my profound financial theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience.
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The Federal Reserve's Pursuit of a 'reverse Wealth Effect' is Undermining Crypto

The Federal Reserve is seeking to push investors into reevaluating their portfolios by injecting chaos into markets.

【Fed】Q&A session after Powell's speech

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell spoke at Brookings Institution on November 30 (local time), the content of which is already known. This article explains the Q&A session after the speech, the main contents of which are as follows: Q: What is the rate of wage growth in line with the 2% inflation target? A:

Things to Know about Trading the Fed Pivot

The current Fed Pivot is all about market expectations, and the two most weighty data this week has yet to come out. Market trends can only be judged when GDP and PCE are released. Besides, the current market trend is merely tentative. Until there is definitive data support and clear wording from the Fed, trading the Fed Pivot needs to be extra cautious.

September CPI: Market Finally Recognized the Reality

This inflation report has little reason for optimism and has also led to a surge in market expectations for a 75-basis-point hike in November and December. For the Fed, a 75-basis-point hike in November is no big deal, but a 50-basis-point hike in December is highly possible if inflation develops unexpectedly.

September Nonfarm Payrolls: Fed Has the Reason to Keep Raising Rates

Nothing in the September nonfarm payrolls should deter the Fed from continuing its aggressive monetary tightening path. While the number of new jobs created is the lowest since April last year, coupled with a fall in the unemployment rate, it should be considered a satisfying signal. However, it also reflects a fall in the participation rate, which is not a data that will please the Fed.

What's an LDI Strategy Used by UK Pension Funds?

UK pension fund plans appear to be caught in a vicious circle of margin calls on interest rate derivatives, forcing them to sell off longer-dated UK government bonds. The BOE's move on Monday was aimed at helping banks ease the pressure on the LDI strategy used by many pension funds.

IMF Chief Highlights "Fundamental Shift" In Global Economy

The IMF estimates that countries accounting for about one-third of the world economy will experience at least two consecutive quarters of contraction this or next year.

Investors Will Simply Count Down to Tomorrow's Official Job Report

US data came in strong yesterday. The September ADP job report hit the bar (208k with a 53k upward revision for August).

Fed's Daly: Inflation 'Problematic,' Interest Rates to Rise

The Fed will not simply act if the economy starts to collapse.

Rate Hike Bonanza Among Major Central Banks Hits Two-Decade Peak in September

Major developed central banks delivered in September rate hikes at a pace and scale not seen in at least two decades, ramping up their fight against multi-decade high inflation with little let-up in sight.

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