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Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Financial markets are holding steady yet exhibit a sense of nervous anticipation as the new week commences. The conflicts between Israel and Hamas continues to take center stage, with concerns mounting over the potential for the violence to engulf the broader region.
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Oil Traders Sanguine About Risks from Israel-Iran Conflict

Petroleum prices have fallen following Iran's missile and drone assault on Israel...

Xi Rebuffs Pressure From Scholz To Rein In Chinese Manufacturing

President says surge in tech exports has helped cool inflation.Xi touts ties with Germany in world full of more ‘challenges’.
Samantha Luan

With Iran-Israel Conflict Not Escalating, Gold Has Retreated After Surging, Is the Rally Over?

Iran launched an attack on Israel, and gold took the opportunity to surge and then pulled back, which may trigger more corrections in the short term. However, in a year when the Fed may turn to rate cuts, the support for long-term bullishness for gold remains, so there will be better buying opportunities ahead.

Oil Shrugs Off Iranian Assault on Israel as Brent Turns Lower

‘War may move down the escalation ladder,’ RBC’s Croft says.Crude declines as Tehran says issue ‘can be deemed concluded’.

War In Gaza Is A Perfect Opportunity For Iran’s Nuclear Push

Hezbollah and Iran are OK with the state of things for now, but they could make their move if a peace is brokered between Israel and Hamas.
Samantha Luan

Continued Borrowing to Fuel Israeli War Machine A Threat to Its Economy

Country already battling challenges such as low labour productivity, poverty and rising population.

Is the Tide Turning on the Gaza War?

The US is proposing a ceasefire at the UN Security Council and pressure is mounting on Israel's leadership, but starving Palestinians do not have time to wait...

Israel's Ban On Palestinian Workers Is Hurting Both Economies

The painful decoupling offers a glimpse of what awaits both sides if the war in Gaza permanently ruptures ties.

Inventory Builds, Red Sea Concerns Pressure Asia Diesel Margins

The profit margin for making diesel in Asia is coming under sustained pressure from a glut of supplies as major exporters boost shipments...
Owen Li

Biden-Netanyahu Rift Raises Questions About US Weapons to Israel

A deepening rift between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Gaza red lines has set up...

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