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Money can make the whole world work, and money is a permanent commodity. The strong dollar has touched the prospects of the economies of various countries. In this never-ending foreign exchange market, it is full of unknowns and expectations.
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EUR/SEK: Four Scenarios for 2023

We outline four different paths for EUR/SEK in 2023 based on developments in four key areas: global risk sentiment, Europe's economic performance/energy prices, Riksbank-ECB policy divergence and Sweden's domestic economy.
Samantha Luan

Debt Bomb, Biotech Bump and A Bond Rally: 2023 Money Predictions

If there was only one word to sum up 2022, "unpredictable" might be the most accurate.
Samantha Luan

Week Ahead - BoC May Hike One Final Time; Will Flash PMIs Spread Gloom or Optimism?

As 2023 gets underway, so do the central bank meetings and the Bank of Canada will be the next after the BoJ to announce its first policy decision of the year. Meanwhile, investors will be nervously awaiting the first PMI readings of 2023 next week as they juggle to reach a consensus about the recessionary risks. In the United States, there will additionally be the advance GDP estimates for the final quarter of 2022, as well as PCE inflation data. The latest CPI numbers will be at the forefront too in Australia and New Zealand. 

Eurozone Data Take Centre Stage as Debate in ECB Ranks Hots Up

For the past year the euro area has been touted for a severe recession during 2023. Up to now, data have failed to follow suit as they enjoy a period of better-than-expected prints. This situation could reflect the extreme pessimism among professional forecasters going into 2023, but it is evidently unsettling the market and causing a wave of upward revisions in the EURUSD projections. Having said that, next week’s economic releases would be the first real test on the current shape of the euro area economies.

FX Daily: Looking for Some Balance

Dollar losses have abated amid deteriorating risk sentiment, but the ongoing dovish repricing of Fed rate expectations and hawkish rhetoric by the ECB point to upside risks for EUR/USD in the near term.
Samantha Luan

AUDUSD: Bullish Momentum Remains Absolutely in Control Despite Bull Stagnation

Following a strong upside halt on Wednesday, AUDUSD stalled after a quick retreat when bulls failed to sustain a stand above the 0.7000 psychological mark and were stopped at the 200-week SMA.
Eva Chen
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AUDNZD:Is the AUDNZD starting the downtrend?

Australian unemployment rates drive the market 

FX Daily: Dollar on Unstable Ground

Intense scrutiny of the U.S. growth story means that the dollar remains vulnerable to data releases as markets keep scaling back Fed rate expectations.
Samantha Luan

US Slowdown Concerns Set to Weigh on European Open

Yesterday saw another broadly positive session for European markets, with the FTSE100 once again underperforming, after UK inflation data showed itself to be much stickier than was anticipated, putting upward pressure on the pound in the process.
Samantha Luan

Japan's Trade Gap Narrows as Hit from Yen, Energy Softens

Japan's trade deficit narrowed more than expected in December in a sign that the impact from the weak yen and high energy costs has begun to soften.
Samantha Luan
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