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China-U.S. Relations

Focus on Pelosi's Taiwan Visit ! How will China-U.S. relations develop in the future, win-win cooperation or confrontation?
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Yellen Raised China's Hopes for Tariff Cut; U.S. Politics Will Crush Them

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's trip to China has raised hopes in Beijing that Trump-era tariffs on Chinese imports may be eased as she tries to smooth relations between the two nations, but strong anti-China sentiment in the U.S. may make that impossible.

Yellen's China Trip Yields Long Meetings, 'Cordial' Tone, But No Consensus

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen went to Beijing with no expectations that meetings with China's new top economic officials would immediately ease tensions between the world's two largest economies.

Beijing Jabs in US-China Tech Fight with Chip Material Export Curbs

China's commerce ministry said on Monday it would control exports of eight gallium products and six germanium products from Aug. 1 to protect national security, a move analysts saw as a response to escalating efforts by the United States to curb China's technological advances.
Owen Li

Small Powers Caught in the US–China Chips Competition

The new intensity and lavish scale of industry subsidisation among the economic superpowers, coupled with the entanglement of these programs in national security rationales, pose issues for smaller powers.

Can Warmer Ties Overcome the Deepening Divide in China-U.S. Relations?

Chinese envoy Xie Feng's strong start in Washington and more senior meetings between the two sides are good signs. But analysts doubt the relationship can return to its former footing, with increasing disputes on a range of issues.

US-China Strategic Competition Unchecked is Headed For Disaster

The world's two largest powers are on a collision course. Strategic competition between the United States and China is ratcheting up, driven by both countries' nationalism and psychologies of exceptionalism and righteousness which make it difficult to show weakness or back down in the face of perceived affronts to their dignity or interests.

Four Years into The Trade War, Are the US and China Decoupling?

US imports of some Chinese products have tanked. Others are higher than ever. How Trump's selective trade war continues to matter.
Kevin Du

Semiconductor Tensions Chip Away at Cross-Strait Relations

The escalating US–China technology rivalry and global chip shortage make Taiwan's role as a leading global supplier of semiconductors strategically and economically important to both powers.

Biden's Strategy Traces the Cold War's Mental Map

Within days of each other, revealing portraits of the United States and China have been unveiled. In Washington, the Biden administration released its national security strategy.

What Do U.S. Curbs on Selling Microchips to China Mean for the Global Economy?

Washington's ban on hi-tech exports to China marks a huge gambit for economic supremacy for the next decades.
Owen Li

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