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Zi Cheng

Analyst -- -- Articles
Fong Zi Cheng is a Certified Proprietary Trader. He is also a VIP Funded Trader of MyForexFunds where he is allowed to withdraw profits daily. He is also a Forex Trading coach in TradingLive where he has received tons of good feedbacks from his students.
Financial News
Trading Analysis

March Sees First Decline in UK House Prices After 6 Months

Data from a mortgage provider contributes to evidence of disparities in the rebound of the property market.

Oil Price Surge Heightens Inflation Concerns, Prompting Stock Market Decline

European stocks decline in response to Wall Street's downward movement, influenced by escalating tensions in the Middle East, which push Brent crude prices above $90 per barrel.

US Jobs Roar Again as Payrolls Jump 303,000, Unemployment Drops

March payrolls exceeded all projections, biggest since May.

Canada Unexpectedly Shed Jobs, Unemployment Rose to 6.1%

Total unemployed people at 1.3 million, up 23% on the year.

Britain's Falling Money Supply Clouds Chance of a Brisk Rebound

Monetarists predicted double digit inflation and recession.

US 10-Year Yield Is Set to Revisit 4.5%, ING Financial Says

Derivatives trading showing move to prepare for higher yields.

Swiss Inflation Unexpectedly Slows, Vindicating SNB Rate Cut

Consumer prices rose 1% from a year ago in March; est. 1.3%.

AUD/JPY Faces Strong Psychological Resistance Level 100.000

The cautious outlook from the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and positive Australian data offer some backing to the currency pair.

Diminished Money Supply in Britain Casts Shadow on Prospects for Swift Economic Recovery

Monetarists foresaw double-digit inflation coupled with a recession.

Hang Seng Index, ASX 200, Nikkei Index: A Fed Chair Powell Boost

Shifting investor sentiment toward the Fed rate path sent the Hang Seng Index and broader Asian markets into negative territory on Wednesday.

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