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I am good at analyzing and interpreting the political and economic situation in Southeast Asia to find investment opportunities.
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The New Geopolitical Play

This brought a lot of benefits, but even good things come to an end.

By Now, Singapore Has Plenty of Experience in Ensuring COVID-Safe Travel

Singapore, an open trading economy and regional air hub, should avoid requirements for enhanced COVID-19 testing without sound scientific reasoning, says the Institute of Policy Studies' Faizal Yahya.

On Ukraine, Both Russia and Nato Have Backed Themselves into a Corner

Almost a year into Moscow's full-scale invasion, what was a proxy war appears to be evolving into direct conflict.

Biden vs. Trump: What is The Difference Between the Two Classified Records Cases?

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed two different special counsels to independently investigate the handling of classified records by Republican former President Donald Trump and his Democratic successor, President Joe Biden.

Bank of Japan's Grit Chills Bond Bears

Japan's central bank appears to have scored an interim win in its long-drawn battle with bond bears.

BOJ Has Markets Bracing for More Bond, FX Turmoil as Shift Seen Inevitable

A seismic policy shift by Japan's central bank is still a matter of when not if, say investors now hunkering down for fresh havoc in bond markets and wild swings in currencies.

What's at Stake in Turkey's Upcoming Elections

Should he lose, his opponents promise radical change.

What Role for Europe in the Middle East and North Africa?

Now that Europe is desperate to find new energy suppliers, the resource-rich countries of the Middle East and North Africa are hoping to boost their economy and influence.

Stronger Malaysia-Indonesia Ties Key to ASEAN's Growth and Stability

The year 2023 will be a challenging one for most developing economies — Malaysia included — against the backdrop of a lacklustre global growth forecast, possibly lasting a long time, too.

China's 2022 Economic Growth One of The Worst on Record, Post-Pandemic Policy Faces Test

China's economic growth in 2022 slumped to one of its worst in nearly half a century as the fourth quarter was hit hard by stringent COVID curbs and a property market slump.
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