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Analyst -- -- Articles
I am good at analyzing and interpreting the political and economic situation in Southeast Asia to find investment opportunities.
Financial News
Trading Analysis

India May Cut Bond Sales on High Cash Balances, Officials Say

India may consider cutting its bond sales this year aided by a higher cash balance, according to people familiar with the matter.

RBA Resumes Rate-Hike Discussion on Renewed Inflation Concerns

Australia's central bank resumed a discussion of interest-rate hikes at its May policy meeting before deciding that the case to stand pat was stronger as it aims to avoid “excessive fine tuning.”

Crypto Lifted by Ether's Biggest Jump Since 2022 on ETF Outlook

Crypto prices have surged on signs of momentum toward US approval of exchange-traded funds investing directly in second-largest token Ether, a shift from a more downbeat outlook as recently as last week.

AUD to USD Forecast: Australian Dollar in the Hands of the PBoC and the Fed

On Monday, the People's Bank of China will set the 1-year and 5-year loan prime rates (LPR).An unexpected cut to the 1-year or 5-year LPR could drive buyer demand for the Aussie dollar.

Asian Currencies Can Withstand a Rampant US Dollar

The surging US dollar has sparked much concern about where currencies in Asia are headed...

'War Economy' Angle on Debts Risks 'Creative' Solutions

Big public debts typically stem from big economic and political junctures that require government to spend big - but reining them back risks 'creative' solutions markets may struggle to price...

Philippines Central Bank Tempers Hawkish Tone as High Rates Bite

A day after signaling the central bank's readiness to pivot to monetary easing, Philippine central bank Governor Eli Remolona said he would like to see easier liquidity conditions as policy may be becoming tighter than necessary.

Natural Gas and Oil Forecast: WTI and Brent Rise 0.10%; Upside Potential?

Oil prices stable in Asian trade, poised for a mildly positive week.Brent and WTI futures rise, driven by weaker U.S. inflation data.Loose monetary conditions and Chinese stimulus boost crude demand.

Hot Commodity Silver Sets Pace as Demand and Deficit Drive Rally

Gold's record-setting rally may have captured the headlines this year, but it's silver that's running harder and faster as the less glamorous metal benefits from robust financial and industrial demand.

Exclusive-Fed's Williams Welcomes Inflation Data, Not Ready To Seek Rate Cuts

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams welcomed the arrival of softer consumer inflation data, he told Reuters, but said that positive news is not enough to call for the U.S. central bank to cut interest rates sometime soon.

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