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I am good at analyzing and interpreting the political and economic situation in Southeast Asia to find investment opportunities.
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Forget Trickle Down, What the UK Needs is Middle-Out Economics

Liz Truss is banking on a failed policy. The focus should be on the real driving force behind economic growth.

How Giorgia Meloni Thinks

If polls are correct, Brothers of Italy leader Meloni will become the country's first female prime minister in Sunday's election. Who is she?

Rightist Alliance Set for Italian Election Victory

Italy votes in a national election on Sunday that could herald its most right-wing government since World War Two, led by its first woman prime minister.

ETHUSDT: Oscillating Downward and Targeting the 1000 Mark?

The recent sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has been weak. Ether remains bearish and is likely to further drop to the previous low of 1000.

BTCUSDT: Tightening Environment Continues to Exert Pressure, with Relatively High Risk of Breakdown

The Federal Reserve (Fed) is aggressively tightening monetary policy, and expectations of rising interest rates continue to suppress risk assets such as cryptocurrencies. Then, there is a risk that bitcoin will continue to break down.

Talk of Preemptive Strikes in Korean Peninsula is Disturbing

A new law makes North Korea's nuclear status irreversible and allows the preemptive use of nuclear weapons. But leader Kim Jong Un is not bound by law, says Robert E Kelly.
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ETHUSDT: The Trend Is Bearish with a Possibility of a Second Dip

Although Ethereum has completed the merger, the cryptocurrency market sentiment has been weak recently. Ethereum has seen a significant outflow of funds for two consecutive weeks, and it is still bearish in the short term.

Co-Ordination Gap Likely to Set Back Climate Progress by Decades, IEA, Irena and UN say

The world needs far greater international co-operation to meet climate commitments, report says.

Are India's Ambitions of Becoming a Global Chip Manufacturing Hub Achievable?

Country's mining major Vedanta and Taiwan's Foxconn will invest $19bn in a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Gujarat.

ETHUSDT: Ethereum Completes the "Merge", Ending Bullish Signals, to Bearish Bias

The cryptocurrency market sentiment has been weak recently. The capital outflow was obvious last week. It is still bearish in the short term and there is a possibility of a double dip.
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