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Analyst -- -- Articles
I am good at analyzing and interpreting the political and economic situation in Southeast Asia to find investment opportunities.
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Fed Rate Hike Bursts "Cryptocurrency Bubble Feast"

Bitcoin has always been seen as "digital gold" and a "safe-haven asset" by the cryptocurrency community. However, in the recent cryptocurrency turmoil, Bitcoin has also plummeted.
CLOSED +1197 Points

ETHUSDT: Continued Capital Outflow Leads to a Disastrous Situation for Ethereum

The continued capital outflow from the crypto market exerts a certain pressure on cryptocurrencies such as Ether.
CLOSED -9951 Points

BTCUSDT: The 30,000 Barrier Lost, Downward Space Further Opened

The crypto market continues to see capital outflows, and bitcoin's downward space was opened up further after it fell below the 30,000 level.

China's Exports Face Fourfold Pressure under Multiple Unfavorable Factors

With multiple unfavorable factors, China's exports this year will face at least fourfold pressure of declining international demand, deteriorating terms of trade, supply shock due to the pandemic, and intensifying international competition. So, how to stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade?

Another Step Toward De-euroization Due to Compromise on the Ruble

Since the outbreak of the full-scale Russia-Ukraine conflict, its damage to the EU economy has been increasing, and the monetary base of the Eurosystem has suffered an unprecedented impact.
CLOSED +29878 Points

BTCUSDT: Bias to the Downside in the Short Term, To Approach the 30,000 Mark

The capital outflow from the crypto market continues to exert pressure on the cryptocurrency, with the next target falling towards the 30,000 mark.
CLOSED +11746 Points

ETHUSDT: Bias to the Downside in the Short Term Due to Continued Capital Outflows

The capital outflows from the crypto market continue to exert some pressure on cryptocurrencies.

Thailand Issues New Incentive Package for Electric Vehicle Industry

The EV incentive package reflects ASEAN's gradual investment into environmentally friendly transportation to align with the global shift to electric vehicles by major car manufacturers.

Global Gas Price Surge May Curb China's LNG Import Growth in 2022

The energy sector is now factoring in a sustained period of high prices as Russian oil and gas is increasingly alienated from global supply. LNG trade flows are expected to change if European gas and LNG prices continue to surge, pulling away more LNG cargoes from Asia.

A Just Green Transition for India Demands International Support

To spur its energy transition, India needs to find a socially just way to implement it.
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