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Swissquote is a leading provider of online financial and trading services in Switzerland. It was listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on May 29, 2000 (symbol: SQN).

Up Go Stocks, Down Go Bonds

The cheery mood in the global stock markets was completely decoupled with the gloomy mood in the sovereign space.

The Final Piece Fits a Puzzle on Hold

The data flow since November has pointed in this direction, and today's CPI release seals the deal: the RBA will keep the cash rate on hold next week, and it is unlikely to raise rates further this cycle

Rising Oil About to Become an Issue

We see a limited risk appetite at the start of a week packed with economic data, central bank decisions and corporate earnings.

A Dream Comes True

Across the Atlantic, the US released its latest GDP update and the data was as good as it could possibly get.

Netflix Beats

Strong Netflix results will likely give a positive spin to the major US indices which were slow to move yesterday after the Richmond manufacturing index came in much lower than expected.

Say Something Hawkish, I'm Giving Up on You

The week started on a positive note on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Equities in both Europe and the US gained on Monday.

Tech Earnings and Central Bank Meetings

Friday’s economic data was yet another proof of the diverging fortunes between the US economy and the rest of the developed world.

Why Sell Technology Stocks When You Can Buy Them?

Forget about the Federal Reserve (Fed) dovish expectations that should be dialed back because the American economy is too strong to require a rate cut as early as March from the Fed.


Investors continue to come back to their senses and the latter involves trimming the interest rate cut expectations that went ahead of themselves over the past few months.

UK Inflation Unexpectedly Rebounds

Cable rebounded following an unexpected rebound in British inflation numbers this morning.

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