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BeingTrader Trading Coach & Speaker, 10+ years of experience in the forex industry being an intraday and day trader. My major trading strategies are based on technical analysis, and I mainly use trends, support/resistance, moving averages, and market entry and exit point strategy, risk management and trading plan.
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The Future of Monetary Policy Commerzbank's Projections for Interest Rate Cuts

Commerzbank predicts a more gradual approach to interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, reflecting a nuanced understanding of economic dynamics and a focus on balancing inflation and growth.

Insights from Federal Reserve Officials on Monetary Policy and Economic Outlook

The differing views among Federal Reserve officials on monetary policy and the economy, reflect uncertainty amidst inflation worries. Some stress caution and confidence-building, while others advocate patience and data evaluation before policy changes.

Understanding The Strong Rebound in Risk Appetite Despite Negative PMI Signals - What's Behind It?

Global markets saw increased risk appetite due to positive economic data, with stocks rallying despite some negative indicators, while the US dollar recovered and gold prices stabilized.

Japan's Purchasing Managers' Index Plunge A Harbinger for Economic Turmoil?

Japan's declining Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) and its impacts on the economy and currency, signalled potential economic challenges and emphasised the need for proactive measures to stimulate recovery.

The Outcomes of The Federal Reserve's Meeting Encompass Several Key Points

The Federal Reserve meeting highlighted a strong economy with concerns about inflation, leading to a decision to maintain current policy measures for vigilance amidst evolving economic conditions.

Gold Rush Opportunities and Challenges in a Potential $3000 Market

City Group's prediction of gold prices soaring to $3000 per ounce due to factors like rising central bank purchases and the potential for a global recession, highlights gold's continued appeal as a safe-haven asset amidst economic uncertainty.

The Future of Bitcoin Perspectives on Price Stability and Investor Caution

Bitcoin's price surged above $50,000, exciting enthusiasts, but analysts warn of a possible correction. Martinez flagged a sell signal, suggesting a downturn. Despite rising futures interest, significant liquidations hint at volatility ahead.

Impact of Monetary Policy The Bank of Thailand's Interest Rate Decision

The Bank of Thailand's decision to hold interest rates reflects its strategy to balance stability and growth amidst uncertain forecasts for both.

Reviving China's Real Estate Government Banks' Billion-Dollar Boost

Chinese government-owned banks allocated 60 billion yuan ($8 billion) in loans to boost the struggling real estate market in response to Beijing's call. This aims to address the slowdown in sales and lending in the Chinese property sector.

Dollar Slips Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes, Euro Rises on ECB Wage Data Focus

The US dollar dipped slightly ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting minutes, while the euro rose as investors awaited crucial wage data from the European Central Bank, reflecting cautious market sentiment.

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