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Owen Li

Analyst -- -- Articless
I am good at assessing macro data, economic events and their potential impact on financial instruments, and particularly concerned about the developments of the Asian-Pacific region.
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Parched U.S. Crops, Bad Export Sales in Question Ahead of USDA

The government's starting U.S. corn yield for 2023 has already raised eyebrows for being notably above the prior record, and that number is likely to come under further scrutiny on Friday given near-record dryness across the Corn Belt since planting.

Nickel Prices Coming Supply Glut but Stocks Keep Falling

Nickel has been the under-performer of the London Metal Exchange (LME) base metals pack this year.

China's Imports Recover

China's crude oil and natural gas imports recovered strongly in May, which could help improve market sentiment. For copper, China's concentrate imports jumped to a fresh high, while unwrought copper imports remain soft.

U.S. Corn Conditions Suffer Worst Tumble Since 2020 As Dryness Expands

Parts of the U.S. Corn Belt have been historically dry over the last month, pressuring both corn and soybean health and offering an early challenge to the government's record yield forecasts.

Australia Cenbank Warns of More Hikes Ahead After Raising Rates To 11-Yr High

Australia's central bank on Tuesday raised interest rates by a quarter-point to an 11-year high, and warned that further tightening may be required to ensure that inflation returns to target.

Funds Cling to CBOT Soybean Long and Heavily Cover Corn Shorts

Chicago-traded soybean futures last week closed below $13 per bushel for the first time in a year-and-a-half, though speculators are still hanging on to the net long position they have maintained since April 2020.

Eurozone Growth Is Already Dwindling

On the back of a weak first-quarter performance for the eurozone economy, we have downgraded our growth outlook. That said, we now pencil in two more rate hikes, as core inflation is unlikely to come down much before autumn.

Easing of China's Soybean Appetite Puts Brazil Crop Growth into Question

Booming soybean demand from China early this century drove extensive crop expansion across the Americas, but while production is set to swell even further in top exporter Brazil, growth in Chinese imports has cooled.

U.S. Oil and Gas Output Still Rising in Response to High Prices Last Year

U.S. oil and gas production continued to rise strongly in March - the delayed impact of very high prices that prevailed until the third quarter of 2022.

China's Soft Economic Data Will Mean Lower Commodity Imports, But Not Yet

A run of weak economic data in China is likely to show up in softer imports of key commodities, albeit with a lag given the time taken to physically ship resources from around the globe.
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