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Owen Li

Analyst -- -- Articles
I am good at assessing macro data, economic events and their potential impact on financial instruments, and particularly concerned about the developments of the Asian-Pacific region.
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Why India's Growing Population Is an Asset to Its Economy

A large youth population in a consumer-driven economy will be a factor in driving growth.

Hedge Funds Eye Treasury Steepeners With Last Fed Move in Sight

Hedge Funds Eye Treasury Steepeners With Last Fed Move in Sight.

How Does Japan's Yield Curve Control Work?

The Bank of Japan's yield curve control (YCC) is under fierce market attack, as investors test the bank's commitment to capping bond yields with inflation above the BOJ's target.

Asia Outlook 2023: Darkest Before the Dawn

2023 is not going to be a great year for growth – the region's main external trade partners are all already in, or going into recession, and the region's largest economy, China, is struggling right now.

ESG Loans Show Promise in Japan

Environmental, social and governance-related loans in Japan are poised for further growth after rising to a record in 2022, with sustainability-linked loans and transition finance expected to drive the activity.

Slow start? European Union's LNG Price Plans Explained

European Union energy regulators published their first daily liquefied natural gas (LNG) price assessment on Thursday, a first step in the EU's plan to launch a new European LNG benchmark price by the end of March.

How Will Drop in Inflation Affect Plans to Raise UK Interest Rates?

Bank of England must proceed with caution as households are still cutting back and business confidence is weak.

Recessions Risks Knock Stocks, Speculators Drawn Back to Yen

Ten-year Japanese government bonds, the focus of markets' challenge to the BOJ because of the zero-yield target and 0.5 percentage point limit on its upward movement, yielded 0.415%.

Japan's Yield Control Faces Biggest Test to Date as BOJ Debates Policy

Japan's decades of ultra-low interest rates may reach a turning point on Wednesday, as the central bank debates the fate of its yield control policy, which is creaking under pressure as markets repeatedly break a limit set less than a month ago.

Consumers Urged to Spend Wisely to Help Boost Economy

Mapa added that Filipino households are "grinning and bearing higher prices to finally feel that normalcy has returned."
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