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Focus on macroeconomic analysis with extra attention to the geopolitical impact on financial markets.
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After the Bank Run, Where Is the Future of Chinese Wealth Management?

Since the financial run issue, credit bonds have been very risky, perhaps the redemption of wealth will not stop, but why is it happening? Before November it was the asset shortage, and now it suddenly becomes a debt shortage, wealth stampede redemptions, the decline is huger than equity, and few investors can stand it!

WTI: Support Remains, Patiently Waiting for Long Opportunities After Oversold

Support for oil prices is still in place, and oil prices are currently at the upper price of the U.S. replenishment of SPR stocks. From the odds, it is not advisable to overly chase the shorting, instead, it is appropriate to wait patiently for long opportunities after the market has oversold.

COPPER: The Market Has not yet Realized the Fed's Determination to Raise Interest Rates, and Keep Shorting at Highs

Perhaps it has not yet realized the Fed's determination to raise interest rates, the Fed has released hawkish, and the market has been overly revelling recently. Looking ahead, it may not be possible to suppress inflation quickly until the rate hike is destructive. The global economy is way from out of recession.

VIX Index Lifted at Lows, Will Risk Aversion Rise Again?

In early December, the BlackRock Real Estate funds suddenly appeared with significant negative news, which caused market concern. Following the night of December 7, Putin's speech about the nuclear war risk is rising triggered a rekindling of risk aversion in the market, with bonds and gold-based safe-haven assets rising and crude oil stocks risk assets plunging. Is risk aversion going to rise again? Will it cause a domino effect?
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WTI: Prices Over-dropped, Wait Patiently for Long

Oil prices are pushing straight into the price range for the U.S. to replenish SPR stocks, and prices may be stabilizing.

COPPER: Supply & Demand Gradually Loosening, Low Inventories Weakening Support for Copper Prices

In the short to medium term, the optimism of the November hype pushed up copper prices, which eased in December. The market returns to the supply and demand side of the trade, with domestic supply and demand gradually loosening. Low inventory support for copper prices is weakening, and there is a need to worry about the retracement of copper prices driven by the rally from a stable dollar.
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COPPER: The Dollar’s Rally Is Bearish, and Suggests Going Short at High In the Short Term

U.S. non-farm payrolls and November ISM services data strengthened unexpectedly. And the dollar has shown signs of gaining ground at the bottom recently, continuing to weigh on copper prices.

USDX: Never Underestimate the Determination to Tighten, Keep Long at Lows

If the monetary tightening is not enough now or easing too early, inflation becomes entrenched and the need to tighten again in the future will be more costly. Thus, don't underestimate the Fed's determination to tighten.

Sensitive Concerns as a Trader after the Gradual Liberalization of the Pandemic

After the release of '20 measures to further optimize epidemic prevention and control work', places around China relax the pandemic control in late November. Many experts claimed that COVID-19 is weaker than the flu, making Chinese people ecstatic, as 3 years of the pandemic have finally seen a breakthrough. But as traders, suspicion, and preparation for the worst are necessary. It is questionable whether the virus has become weaker, or just the economy fails to sustain itself.

Bridgewater Lost Almost A Year's Profit In Two Months

After getting through the black swan of Chinese bonds, It is thought that only Chinese debtors were the darkest in November. However, if it is found that Bridgewater Associates has almost lost a year's profit in two months recently, of which the black $125 billion real estate has basically been run, will the funds investors suddenly feel better at this moment? It turns out that both legendary hedge fund giants in the world, Bridgewater and Blackstone, are not much better off than us, the idea is a little gloating, but this is the mentality of investors.
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