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Kevin Du

Analyst -- -- Articless
I was exposed to market transactions in 2015 and to Bitcoin in 2017. Now, I mainly focus on Bitcoin security, open source systems, network effects, and the intersection between economics and cryptography.
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5 Major Crypto Exchanges Control Lion's Share of Ethereum Liquidity

A report by Kaiko shows that 72% of ethereum liquidity is concentrated in five crypto exchanges. ETH balances also hit a 5-year low recently.

Distinguishing Securities from Non-Securities in the Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market raises many questions concerning its financial and regulatory status, including whether cryptocurrencies are securities.

How Hong Kong Can Re-Establish Itself As a Global Digital Assets Hub

To become a true digital assets hub, Hong Kong needs to effectively regulate these assets, recognise the technological requirements that differentiate digital assets from traditional assets, and it must be inclusive of emerging retail and institutional use cases.

Singularity Now? How AI Will Change Our World Sooner Than We Think

What exactly is the Singularity, and what implications does it hold for our collective future?

World Balance Sheet May Need AI-Style Productivity Leap

Hype or hope, this year's boom in artificial intelligence along with other productivity-enhancing tech developments may be one of few ways to sustain an increasingly fragile "global balance sheet" over coming decades.

Ripple's Hinman Victory: Is This the Turning Point?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could be on the verge of defeat following Ripple's Hinman victory. The papers are due for release on June 13. Could they make the legal case unwinnable for the SEC?

Busy Bitcoin Births New Breed of Crypto

Things are heating up on the bitcoin blockchain.

Biden and McCarthy to Meet on Monday As U.S. Debt Ceiling Talks Resume

U.S. President Joe Biden and House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy will meet to discuss the debt ceiling on Monday, after a "productive" phone call as the president headed back to Washington, the two sides said on Sunday.

The Future of NFT Storage: Challenges and Emerging Solutions

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, attracting investors and art enthusiasts alike.

Small Victory for SVB Financial as Judge Orders FDIC to Return Tax Refund Checks

In a court ruling in New York, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) has been ordered to return tax refund checks it took out of the hands of SVB Financial Group, a bankrupt company seeking to compensate bondholders.
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