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Kevin Du

Analyst -- -- Articles
I was exposed to market transactions in 2015 and to Bitcoin in 2017. Now, I mainly focus on Bitcoin security, open source systems, network effects, and the intersection between economics and cryptography.

China Robust Commodity Imports Confound Weak Economy Narrative

In stark contrast to the ongoing weakness in China's key manufacturing index, the imports of key commodities by the world's...

Soaring Bitcoin Set for Biggest Monthly Jump Since 2020

Frenetic activity in bitcoin put it on course for its biggest monthly gain in more than three years on Thursday...

Red Sea Crisis Shouldn’T Spur Inflation but the Spillover to Tankers Is Risky

The Red Sea shipping crisis has dragged on for two months, and a full resumption of transits is not in sight. This is rattling supply chains, leading to delays and higher costs, but it won’t derail global trade and the inflationary impact of higher container rates remains limited. The more critical tanker markets are now involved though and this adds to risks.

Post-Election Turkey Returns to Economic Orthodoxy

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is eyeing economic revival by turning the country back toward conventional policies and partnership with the West. A red trolley with people on a street walking around.

Why US CPI Revisions Could Be a Big Deal

Last year's update of CPI seasonal adjustment factors was a big deal, showing inflation momentum was stronger than thought at the end of 2022, catching both the market and the Federal Reserve off guard. Friday sees the 2023 update with the market watchful to what it may mean for the timing of the first Fed rate cut this year

GOP Leaders Face Unrest Amid Chaotic, Bungled Votes

Former president Donald Trump has used his perch as the GOP frontrunner to bend Congress to his political whims

Takeaways From the Trump Immunity Ruling

A three-judge panel rejected all of the former president’s immunity defenses and set a time limit for a Supreme Court appeal to prevent delay.

Senate Republicans Block Bipartisan Border Package, Then Scramble to Find Support for Ukraine Aid

Wartime aid for Ukraine has been left hanging in the Senate after Republicans blocked a bipartisan border package that had been tied to the funding, then struggled to coalesce around a plan to salvage the aid for Kyiv

Stock Market in a ‘very Dangerous' Position as Jobs and Wages Run Hot, Fund Manager Says

“Why is the stock market priced like it is with the economic strength and the Fed being pigeonholed into having to keep these rates high? That's a very dangerous thing for stocks,” Cole Smead cautioned.

US Clean Electricity Momentum Stalls Slightly in 2023

Clean electricity generation in the United States hit new highs in 2023 but expanded by its smallest margin in more than a decade, due to below-normal…

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