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Master degree from National University of Singapore, mainly engaged in the research of macro stock index and treasury bond futures, has a solid theoretical foundation of financial derivatives, and passed CFA Level 3.

Russian Economic ‘Resilience’ is not What it Seems

Short-term growth can’t mask degradation.

ECB Could Forge ‘missing link’ Through Risk-Sharing on Government Bond-Buying

Prospective shift in central bank securities doctrine partly reflects northern losses.

US Election will test Economic, Political and Institutional Resilience

Investment case for the US depends on the strength of its institutions.

U.S. Payrolls Increased by 216,000 in December, Much Better than Expected

December’s jobs report showed employers added 216,000 jobs for the month while the unemployment rate held at 3.7%. That compared with respective estimates of 170,000 and 3.8%.The hiring boost came from a gain of 52,000 in government jobs and another 38,000 in health care-related fields such as ambulatory health-care services and hospitals.Average hourly earnings rose 0.4% on the month and were up 4.1% from a year ago, both higher than the respective estimates for 0.3% and 3.9%.

BOJ Seen Sticking to Forecast of Inflation Staying Near Target, Sources Say

The Bank of Japan is expected this month to broadly maintain its projection that trend inflation will stay near its 2 per cent target in coming years, despite global economic uncertainties and soft consumption, say sources familiar with its thinking.

Outlook 2024: More Commotion than Motion in Foreign Exchange Markets

Prepare for anaemic global growth and geopolitical turbulence.

Outlook 2024: What to Expect for the public Sector Bond Market

Likely outcomes include the EU making further steps to sovereign status.

U.S. Payrolls Increased by 216,000 in December, Much Better than Expected

The U.S. labor market closed out 2023 in strong shape as the pace of hiring was even more powerful than expected, the Labor Department reported Friday.

2023 Economic Summary: The Year of Defied Expectations

The year 2023 will be remembered by economists and investors as 365 days of resiliency and defied expectations. This week’s Weekly Economics will dive into the U.S. economic landscape and summarize the major factors that shaped the nation’s economic trajectory this year.

Bond Watch: Debt Deluge

Even though overall EUR bond issuance volumes are set to fall slightly next year, the amount of bonds the private sector will need to buy will hit new records, which should put some upward pressure on bond spreads and the steepness of the curve.

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