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Devin Wang

Analyst -- -- Articles
I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.
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How Will the 'Partygate' Inquiry into Boris Johnson Work?

Former British prime minister Boris Johnson will be grilled by lawmakers on Wednesday as they decide whether he intentionally misled parliament about illegal parties at his office during coronavirus lockdowns.

Rates Spark: The Dam Holds, Just in Time for The Fed

It looks far more likely that the Fed delivers a 25bp hike than goes for no change.

When is A Veto Not a Veto? Rishi Sunak's Brexit Laws Fuel Fresh Unionist Concerns

The Democratic Unionists reject new British legislation that gives them the power to challenge, but not block, the rollout of new European goods laws in their corner of the United Kingdom.

Europe Set to Open Cautiously Higher

After opening the week lower, European stocks recovered early losses to finish the day higher yesterday, as markets tried to absorb the events of the weekend, and the $3bn absorption of Credit Suisse by its bigger Swiss rival UBS.

Market Stress Indicators Flash Warnings as Banking Worries Continue

Fears of a global banking crisis are continuing to swirl, with investors keeping a close eye on a dashboard of indicators that show how stress is rippling through markets and the banking system.

Weak Sentiment Persists; FOMC, BoE, and SNB in Focus This Week

Financial markets in today's Asian session exhibit a risk-averse sentiment, despite attempts on the weekend to stabilize the situation from the recent banking crisis.

Credit Suisse Takeover, Central Bank Action Calm Jittery Markets

Moves by authorities to avert a global banking crisis appeared to have lifted market confidence on Monday as investors welcomed emergency dollar liquidity from top central banks and a historic Swiss-backed acquisition of troubled Credit Suisse by UBS Group.

Everything to Know About Nuclear Fuel Uranium

Eastern Libyan forces said on Thursday that 10 drums of uranium declared missing by the U.N. nuclear watchdog had been found near the warehouse they were taken from in southern Libya.

Sweden Faces Recession as Housing Market Troubles Take Toll on Economy

For years, Sweden has been warned that its dysfunctional housing market, plagued by under-supply and kept aloft by low rates and generous tax benefits, was a risk to the wider economy.

How the EU May Respond to A New Sovereign Debt Crisis

If rising borrowing costs push some eurozone countries to the brink of another sovereign debt crisis, a simple repetition of harsh austerity measures is not in the cards.
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