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Devin Wang

Analyst -- -- Articles
I have 5 years of experience in financial analysis, especially in aspects of macro developments and medium and long-term trend judgment. My focus is maily on the developments of the Middle East, emerging markets, coal, wheat and other agricultural products.
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Heat Pumps Hyped up on Holiday Wish Lists in European Households

Households across Europe are scrambling to get hold of the latest must-have gadget this holiday season: heat pumps.

France: Inflation Stabilises, But the Peak Is Still to Come

Inflation stabilised at 6.2% in France in November, but it has not reached its peak. Inflationary pressures are likely to intensify further in 2023.

EU Flash CPI to Set the Bar for Next ECB Rate Rise

Today the main focus is set to be on today's flash CPI from the EU, which could set the scene as to whether we get 50bps or 75bps when the ECB meets in just over two weeks' time.

Euro Area Inflation Data and Powell Speech Eyed

Despite a soft start for risk assets to the week, procyclical currencies staged a moderate rally against their US counterpart on Tuesday.

European Power Firms at Risk as U.S. Jumps on Bioenergy Bandwagon

Firms that turn household, industrial and farm waste into usable energy are on the radar of international investors this week following the $2 billion acquisition by oil and gas giant Shell of Danish biogas producer Nature Energy.

Eurozone Survey Indicates Weak Economy with Fading Inflation Pressures

The economic sentiment indicator increased slightly in November from 92.7 to 93.7, mainly due to a consumer rebound.

Saudi Arabia's 2022 GDP Set for Fastest Pace of Growth in 11 Years

While the oil sector is the main driver of growth, non-oil economy too is expanding strongly, says Riyad Capital.

Germany Inflation in Focus, as ECB Sounds More Hawkish

Hawkish rhetoric wasn't just confined to Fed speakers yesterday.]

Europe on Course to End Winter with Plenty of Gas

Europe's gas inventories are on course to end the winter of 2022/23 at one of the highest levels on record - if prices stay high and provided pipeline deliveries from Russia continue.

U.S. Central Bank Could Lower Rates in 2024: New York Fed President

"I do think we're going to need to keep restrictive policy in place for some time; I would expect that to continue through at least next year," Williams said.
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