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I usually determine the best trading time by macroeconomic analysis using the swing trade strategy. I'm familiar with the main currencies and their fundamental backgrounds, and good at analyzing the linkage between candlestick movements and macroeconomics in layman's terms.
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What is the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund Used to Backstop Failed Banks?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) and its flagship deposit insurance fund have been active since the Great Depression to provide an orderly resolution for failed banks and to reimburse certain customer accounts.

Forex Markets Quiet as Focus Turns to Inflation Data This Week

The forex markets have been relatively quiet during today's Asian session, with currency pairs staying within Friday's range.

The Commodities Feed: Further Spec Liquidation

Given the moves seen in the oil market in recent weeks, it was no surprise that speculators aggressively cut their net long in the oil market.

How Realistic is a Hydrogen-Powered Economy?

Clean-burning hydrogen has been hyped as a potential solution to a swath of climate-related energy problems, from fuelling trucks and powering industry to generating electricity - all while emitting only puffs of harmless vapour.

More Efforts Urged on Climate, Clean Energy

Experts have said that China has been approaching the center of international clean energy cooperation over the past few decades, and its role is evolving.

Global Energy Use and Emissions Hubs Set to Shift by 2050

The Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa will overtake China, North America and Europe as the key drivers of world energy use through 2050, with implications for global emissions potential and accountability.

Fed Pause Before European Peers to Lift Treasuries, European Stocks

Traders see Fed pausing rate hikes before European peers. US Treasuries outperform, set to win from Fed pause, cuts.

Oil Spills and Near Misses: More Ghost Tankers Ship Sanctioned Fuel

An oil tanker runs aground off eastern China, leaking fuel into the water. Another is caught in a collision near Cuba. A third is seized in Spain for drifting out of control.

Credit Suisse Collapse Threatens Switzerland's Wealth Management Crown

The fall of Credit Suisse has dealt a serious blow to Switzerland's credentials as the world's leading wealth management centre, experts warn, calling into question its reputation for stability, regulation and corporate governance.

Financial Markets Exude Optimism, Awaiting Crucial FOMC Rate Decisions

As the mood in the financial markets seems to be rather upbeat, Asian markets are riding the wave of positivity, tracing the upward trajectory set by their U.S. counterparts.
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