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Analyst -- -- Articles
I have extensive experience in analyzing currency, commodity and stock index movements. I'm adept at tracking market risk sentiment and gaining insight into fundamental trends, combined with technical analysis to seize profit opportunities.

Green Bond Issuance Surges As Investors Hunt For Yield

Sustainable debt raises $273bn in first quarter, in contrast to downturn in ESG stock funds.

Australian LNG Producers Face Supply Glut Problems, As US and Qatar Ramp Up Production

Demand from Asia’s emerging economies has not been as strong as expected, revealed the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

EV Car Sales Drop in EU as German Demand Slumps

Germany stopped subsidies for buying EVs in December as part of a last-minute 2024 budget deal.

Asian Shares Steady, Sterling Treads With Caution Ahead of BoE Meeting

Asian stocks took a breather on Thursday, hovering near their highest in two years as traders waited for more U.S. policy clues, while sterling was steady before a Bank of England meeting where rates are expected to remain unchanged.

Chinese Banks Hold Lending Rates Following PBOC’s Caution

Both the one-year and five-year prime rates stay the same. PBOC’s Pan earlier stoked speculation LPR would fall soon.

New Zealand Exits Recession But Economy Remains Weak

New Zealand’s economy exited recession with modest expansion in the first quarter.

Why Indians Aren’t Happy With 8% Economic Growth

A long-delayed survey of small firms offers clues to what ails the fast-growing economy.

Rich Countries Plan To Buy More Gold Despite Record Price

Advanced economies’ central banks expect the metal’s share of global reserves to rise at the expense of the dollar.

Inflation Continues To Moderate; Uncertainties Remain: BOK

Inflation in Korea will continue to moderate down the road, reaching a level below 2.5 percent in the second half of the year, but geopolitical risks, weather conditions and other uncertainties still remain, a central bank report said Tuesday.

Discounting Fails To Tempt European Consumers As Cost Of Living Crisis Drags On

Promotions are up but sales remain muted in sign that consumer demand is not recovering.

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