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Analyst -- -- Articles
I have extensive experience in analyzing currency, commodity and stock index movements. I'm adept at tracking market risk sentiment and gaining insight into fundamental trends, combined with technical analysis to seize profit opportunities.

How Super Tuesday could be Haley's Last Chance to Stop Trump

Super Tuesday next week could be former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's last chance to stop former U.S. President Donald Trump's drive to clinch the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

What You Need To Know About The 2024 US Presidential Election

The 2024 U.S. presidential election promises to be like no other in modern times.

Japan's Jobless Rate Hits 2.4 Per Cent In January Amid Labour Shortage

This positive shift, the first in three months, aligns with economists' expectations, as the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate met the median forecast in a Reuters poll.

Wall Street Hunts for More AI Gold After Nvidia's Soaring Rally

Money managers are scrambling to cash in on the stock market's interest in artificial intelligence...

China Overhauls Company Law

Major changes include setting a five-year deadline for investors to make good on capital contributions, while increasing the liability of management for unpaid commitments and harmful practices by shareholders.

Precious Metals Continue To Inch Lower As Investors Remain Cautious

Some support came from the drop in US Treasury yields and the dollar after a downward revision in the US Q4 GDP.

JGB Yields Rise As BOJ Board Member Calls For Policy Overhaul

Hajime Takata called for an overhaul of ultra-easy monetary policy, strengthening market expectations that normalisation is imminent.

Supply Still Matters: Why U.S. Housing Inflation Relief May Be Short-Lived

The issues are far bigger than the Fed.

Investment In Fintech Anticipated To Have A Soft Start In 2024

Global fintech investment witnessed a slowdown as investors worldwide chose to preserve their funds.

‘Free Fall’: Nightmare Coming Our Way As Iron Ore Price Bottoms Out

The golden goose of the Australian economy is taking a hammering and it could spell big trouble for everyday Aussies.

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