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I have extensive experience in analyzing currency, commodity and stock index movements. I'm adept at tracking market risk sentiment and gaining insight into fundamental trends, combined with technical analysis to seize profit opportunities.
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Wall St Week Ahead-Recession Fears Pose Challenge to Energy Shares After Stellar Year

A potential U.S. recession and tough comparisons to a stellar 2022 are weighing on the prospects of energy stocks delivering an encore to last year's stunning run, despite valuations that are seen as still comparatively cheap.

U.S. Economy is Losing Momentum. A Recession around the Corner?

Retail sales and industrial production fell more than expected. With a recession on the horizon, silver may fly if the Fed stops the hikes!

China's Brutal Covid Winter

Last month, China ended its zero-Covid policy, bringing a tumultuous end to restrictions after nearly three years. The suddenness of the move surprised nearly everyone.

Can 'Baby Bonds' Reduce the U.S. Racial Wealth Gap?

National racial wealth gap has been widening since 1980s. Washington, D.C. plans trust funds for poorer children. Backers say schemes can help combat economic inequality.

Inflation Dynamics Point to RBA's Tightening Cycle Peaking after the FOMC

The central issue for the economies and markets will be the evolution of inflation over 2023.

Ardern's Successor as Labor Leader Faces Tough October Election

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's sudden resignation on Thursday may have come as a shock to the rest of the world, but as her popularity waned domestically, some had questioned how long she would remain in power.

Australia December Labour Force: Disrupted by Greater than Usual Illness

Total employment: -14.6k from 58.3k (revised from 64.0k). Unemployment rate: 3.5% from 3.5% (revised 3.4%). Participation rate: 66.6% from 66.8% (unrevised 66.8%).

Funds Jump Back into Copper, Betting on Chinese Recovery

The rally has been driven primarily by shifts in fund positioning on both the LME and the CME with the bulls back in town and bears in retreat.

Where is the U.S. Dollar Heading?

Will the greenback strengthen or weaken in 2023?

Bond Traders Get Their Swagger Back in Rate-Obsessed Markets

Bond traders are stars again on Wall Street.
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