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Situation in Taiwan Strait

Pelosi's visit to Taiwan has led to an escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the U.S. side and the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces colluded to provoke China, which is the fundamental reason for the tensions in the Taiwan Strait.
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Biden Says U.S. Would Defend Taiwan in 'Unprecedented Attack'

U.S. military forces would defend Taiwan if there is "an unprecedented attack", President Joe Biden said, underscoring America's commitment to the island.

What the Philippines has at Stake in US-China Tensions over Taiwan

While the United States could have little hope that other Southeast Asian countries would give practical assistance in the event of a conflict, the Philippines will be in the spotlight, says a researcher.
Owen Li

U.S., Taiwan Agrees on Negotiating Mandate for Trade Talks

The first round of negotiations is expected early this fall.

U.S. Move on Taiwan Threatens World

The Taiwan question will be an important test for the U.S., because it is the most sensitive issue in Sino-U.S. relations and the foundation on which bilateral ties are based.

Taiwan Dominates the World's Supply of Computer Chips – No Wonder the U.S. is Worried

Taiwan's autonomy is a vital geopolitical interest for the U.S. because of the island's dominance of the semiconductor manufacturing market, notes this academic.
Owen Li

Taiwan Now a National Security Issue

Taiwan Now a National Security Issue

Chinese Military Drills Circling Taiwan, what does China Try to Do?

Despite China warnings, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had finished her Taiwan visit and had left Taiwan already.
LOSS -1000 Points

XAUUSD: According to the Consolidation, There Are Chances for Bears and Bulls Today

Risk assets are trying to escape a surge in U.S.-China tensions, with financial markets appearing to be stable after a geopolitical turmoil. In addition, gold attracted some buy-the-dips near $1,755 and halted the previous day's sharp retracement from a 4-week high. However, is the downtrend over?
Eva Chen

As U.S. Eyes New China Chip Curbs, Turmoil Looms for Global Market

Export restrictions being considered by Washington to halt China's advances in semiconductor manufacturing could come at a substantial cost, experts have said.

Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan Triggers Negative Consequences: China Begins to "Rehearse" Military and Economic "Siege" on Taiwan

Just as the Japanese Noda government's attempt to 'nationalize' the Diaoyu Islands promoted regular cruises years ago, this Pelosi's visit to Taiwan will not only promote the normalization of cruises to Taiwan but the frequent 'rehearse' of the military blockade and siege of Taiwan. This is an acceleration of the pace of armed reunification.
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