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Politics comes from the economy and is the concentrated expression of economics. All changes in politics affect the development of the economy and finance. If we don't know politics, how can we trade in financial markets?
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The Myanmar Military Is Losing Control

Years of shifting resources away from the Myanmar army and changing requirements for its senior ranks have led to its current weaknesses on the battlefield. Are the junta fielding men of straw? A former ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute researcher weighs in.

Germany Slides Deeper into Budget Crisis

Solutions are still few and far between, especially ones that can be applied in the immediate term, and the government is still working on plans to readjust spending and funding that coalition partners can agree on.
Kevin Du

Opinion: Biden Is Making More Foreign Policy Messes Than He's Fixing

America currently finds itself embroiled in three major geopolitical crises, in three distant parts of the world, pitting it against three consequential powers, on behalf of three countries that are not treaty allies of the United States.

Inside Hamas's Sprawling Financial Empire

Why Israel is powerless to dismantle the group's finances.

Argentina's Next President Milei Must Tame Inflation, Turn Around Economy

Argentina's libertarian President-elect Javier Milei has won a closely fought election. Now comes the hard part: dealing with economic crises.
Owen Li

Why Le Pen's Party Cannot Shake Its 'Far-Right' Tag

A weekend march in Paris against anti-Semitism attracted Marine Le Pen's National Rally but many remain wary of the movement's true intentions.

Lessons of History Can Help Improve Sino-US Ties

The relationship between China and the United States is one of the most important bilateral relations in the world.

David Cameron set to ‘slip Effortlessly’ into Foreign Secretary Role

Former PM’s return will bring weight and experience to the cabinet.

France Torn Between Morocco and Algeria

Energy needs and historical ties have pulled France toward Algeria. Meanwhile, relations with Morocco have grown strained, but this might change.

Access to Oil, Geopolitical Pressures: What Is the US' Motive Behind Easing Venezuelan Sanctions?

Washington last month U-turned on years of punishing measures on Venezuela's oil and gas sector in return for free and fair presidential elections in the country next year.

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