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The U.S. plans to release large amounts of strategic oil reserves, but OPEC+ has no intention of increasing production significantly!
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BRENT: Oil Prices Rally Shortly but Remain Bearish

BRENT continued to fluctuate in a downward trend. Although the decline has weakened with rebounds and consolidation, the overall trend is still bearish.

Opec Cuts 2022 Oil Demand Forecast Amid Ukraine Conflict and High Inflation

Opec lowered its global oil demand forecast for this year amid the Ukraine war, coronavirus pandemic-related movement restrictions and high inflation.
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WTI: Buying Low and Selling High, Path of Least Resistance Confirmed to the Downside

Oil prices rebounded after hitting a six-month low in early August, rising sharply this week, driven by a series of supportive factors including unexpected supply disruptions and a weaker USD. This rally in oil prices is expected to likely continue. However, technical graphs are giving short-term co
Eva Chen
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WTI: 100 SMA Is Lower Than the 200 SMA, to Confirm the Path of Least Resistance Is Downward

Recently, the international crude oil futures fell, dropping to a record low since early February. Evaporation of liquidity in the crude oil market has resulted in greater volatility. Oil prices have come under unprecedented pressure due to concerns over a recession, the release of the U.S. Strategi
Eva Chen

OPEC Can Help Stabilise the World Economy

A small rise in production that was announced on Wednesday is more than it seems.
Devin Wang

Occidental to Cut Debt and Distribute Cash, Won't Raise Oil Output

Occidental Petroleum Corp plans to use the bonanza from high oil and gas prices to accelerate debt payments and cash distribution to shareholders but will not raise oil production, Chief Executive Vicki Hollub said on Wednesday.

OPEC: Malaysia to Raise Monthly Crude Oil Output to 595,000 Barrels in Sept 2022

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said non-OPEC participating country Malaysia will raise its monthly crude oil output to 595,000 barrels in September 2022 from 594,000 barrels in August 2021.
Owen Li
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EURUSD: Euro Awaits OPEC+ Meeting Guidance

The OPEC+ meeting will be held during the day, focusing on whether new supply quotas will be announced, which will have a significant impact on the euro.

OPEC+ Might Have to Raise Oil Output so Market Doesn't Overheat, Kazakhstan Says

Kazakhstan says preferred oil price is $60-$80/barrel. OPEC faces output problems to meet existing targets.

OPEC+ Looks More Important Than Taiwan Today

The highlight of today's session should be the OPEC+ meeting and its supply impact.
Devin Wang
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